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Pricing Model For Supply Chain Under Stochastic Demand For Fashion Product

Posted on:2016-12-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330470976725Subject:Computational Mathematics
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Products returned to the price of the supply chain decision-making problem is an important issue in the area of supply chain management. Now, the study of fashion products returned to the supply chain focuses on identifying needs order channel supply chain optimal pricing and ordering strategy of new product and the remaining product return policy. Rarely consider the related cost of fashion in the process of product sales and product discount sales season,with double channels in the supply chain with uncertain demand product returned by the fashion of study is also very rare. In fact, these problems for manufacturers, retailers and the entire supply chain is very important.Therefore,this article will discuss these problems.In the review of related fields at home and abroad, on the basis of the latest research.Using probability theory and optimization and Stackelberg game theory and method.Under the stochastic demand, for fashion product supply chain example. Have product return under the stochastic demand is studied in single channel and double channel of the supply chain, the optimal pricing, the optimal order strategy and seasonal product discount strategy problem. First of all, the paper analyzes the single channel in the supply chain manufacturer’s optimal wholesale price, the retailer’s optimal retail price and purchasing strategy. Respectively in centralized and decentralized case discusses the new product and the off-season product sales. Stackelberg game model is established and got the optimal Stackelberg equilibrium solution. Second, discusses the dual channel supply chain manufacturers and the common retailers and electronics retailer’s optimal pricing. As well as ordering strategy and discount strategy of ordinary retailers and electronics retailer, and obtained the optimal Stackelberg equilibrium solution. In the end, we use numerical example to specify the conclusion of the paper and as a case study of fashion products. The appended drawings shows the change of decision variables influence on profit function. Comparison of the single channel anddouble channel of each member of supply chain system profit.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supply chain, Stochastic demands, Optimal ordering, Fashion product, Off-season product
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