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The Study On Chanyang Tourism Economy Developing Of Local Government Support Policy

Posted on:2017-05-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Tourism economy, has become an important part of modern economy, a country’s comprehensive national strength important symbol. It produced great economic effect is increasingly widespread attention. Since China’s reform and opening up, the tourism industry in our country is closely watched "sunrise industry", "smokeless industry", the Chinese government to improve tourism economy as the goal, has introduced a number of tourism policy, in order to increase support for the tourism industry, the more that local governments should give full play to their respective resource advantages, go tourism province, hing road of the city. Although the tourism industry as a whole has developed rapidly, but around the tourism industry development is not balanced, the famous scenic spot of every holiday will be packed static scene, comparing local scenic area is slightly inferior, and devotion to the economic development of scenic areas prone to the phenomenon of a flash in the pan, today Gulangyu island, in 2015 the number of visitors fell significantly compared with the number of tourists in 2013, and as a result, the sustainable development of tourism industry need long-term policy support to boot.In this article, therefore, manager management, tourism economics disciplines knowledge as the foundation, using the research methods of literature review and the interview investigation, combined with the actual condition of tourism economic development in Chaoyang district, analysis of existing problems, Suggestions to support. In order to promote the development of tourism economy of local government to provide some theoretical basis.The full text mainly includes the following six chapters, the structure is arranged as following.The first chapter is the introduction part. Comb through to our country tourism policy, will be the process of the tourism economy development of our country is divided into two stages, and sums up the basic level of economic development in Chaoyang. At home and abroad and the research status of the tourism economic policies. Put forward the research content, purpose and research methods, research framework is established.The second chapter is theoretical basis part. The concept of the tourism economy and the role of government, parsing, analyzed the theory of sustainable development, industrial upgrading theory, industrial integration theory and other related theories. Combined with the previous chapter tourism economy development phase, it is concluded that to improve tourism economy need to adjust the industrial structure, promote the integration between the different industries, on the basis of long-term sustainable development will bring sound economic benefits.The third chapter is analysis of the present situation and the existing problems. First this paper introduces the present situation of the tourism economic development in Chaoyang. Then enumerates the typical interview footage of tourists, and summarizes. Will also be provided by the tourism bureau in Chaoyang internal documents and staff interview content to summarize. Finally through the interview content and related data analysis, summarizes the problems of tourism economic development in Chaoyang, including cultural heritage destroyed; Tourism projects and more complex; The scenic area has many problems; The tourism industry chain is not strong; Tourism attraction aging; Market competition is intense; Bad policy implementation effect.The fourth chapter is part experience for reference. First discusses the free tickets of Hangzhou west lake experience, analyzes the Hangzhou to open free scenic spot, in turn, build reasonable industry chain, promoting tourism measures of comprehensive income. Experience and then discusses the operation right transfer of Fenghuang county, analyzes the separation of the local government to implement the operation and management, and make the tourism industry gradually on the right track. The final summary in combination with the practical situation of the rising sun.The fifth chapter is policy recommendations. Combine the first five chapters to the development of tourism economy theory and problem analysis, put forward the tourism economic development in Chaoyang in local government support countermeasures, including propulsion system innovation; Widen the industrial space, laying solid foundation industry; To strengthen supervision of talks, namely: build Chaoyang integrated industry chain of tourism industry, strengthen the tourism industry and the fusion of one industry, improve the basic facilities for industries and create with local characteristics of tourism brand.The sixth chapter is conclusion. Combining with full text summarizes thinking.Hope that through this question research, can cause the domestic and foreign experts and scholars to the attention of local government policy support in the tourism economic development, and for local governments to provide the corresponding policy recommendations. Speed up the economic development of tourism is the inevitable choice to realize the regional comprehensive rise, is the best path to realize local economic take-off.
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