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Research On The Local Government Policy Support For Small And Micro Enterprises Develope

Posted on:2016-09-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y W WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330482974797Subject:Public Management
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Small and micro business is an important force to China’s economic development. With the transition of government function and the development of modern market system since the 18 th National People’s Congress, the Chinese government has continuously introduced relative policies to support the development of small and micro business. New challenges in the new stage are hindering the healthy and rapid development of small and micro business, which calls for more policy supports from the local government.With the time background, this paper will define the related concepts and their theoretical foundations of policy supports from the local government to small and micro business. This thesis will also state the necessity of having policy supports from the local government – an important solution to financing difficulties, an effective means to technological innovation and a useful way to economic strength growth for small and micro enterprises. Meanwhile, through documentary and comparative analysis, the paper will put forward the research significance of local government’s policy supports to small and micro enterprises – to improve the relationship between the government and the small and micro enterprises, to enhance the overall performance of both and to accelerate the rapid economic growth of our country.Through an analysis of the current situation of local government’s policy support to small and micro enterprises in Xiangtan combined with the author’s own work experiences, he states in this paper some problems: the ways and means of support and management, the laws and regulations, the financing environment and the policy supports are need to be improved by the government. Through the combination of reality and theory, this paper suggests the government to learn from the advanced experiences of foreign governments, to transform the management ideas and functions, to perfect the laws and regulations, to construct a comfortable financing environment, and to optimize the policy support platform, which can remove the barriers of local governments’ policy support and promote the healthy development of small and micro enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small and micro business, local government, policy support
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