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A Study Of Supply Chain Coordination Mechanism And Inventory Strategy Under The Condition Of Manufacturer Dual Channel

Posted on:2015-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330482953241Subject:Logistics Engineering
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The development and popularity of online shopping allows manufacturers can easily through the online mall selling their products. Online shop can be easily constructed and compared to a physical stores, the online shop has more advantage of cost.So many manufacturers open online direct marketing channels besides the traditional retail channels to meet the demand of various users as well as expand market share. Thus, the manufacturer can get profit in both traditional retail channel and online channel. Online channel also provide more purchase way for consumers. Now the consumer can conveniently purchase products that quality was guaranteed form the manufacturer’s official online mail. The manufacturer’s online mall make the supply tends to flat, Manufacturers and retailers becoming to competing with each other. Manufacturers have robbed originally belongs to the retailer’s market. Therefore, the supplier and retailer’s relationship become both competition and cooperation.In view of this, in this paper, on the basis of summarizing the relevant research results and the relevant research methods of traditional supply chain problems. The problem of dual channel supply chain coordination and inventory decision are studied. This article begin with simple analysis of the traditional single chain channel problem. Then with analysis of each channel’s advantages off dual channel, in consideration of service difference in retail channels and online channels the model of dual channel supply is proposed. Because the online selling product’s transportation problem, considering the importance of product delivery time for the user shopping experience and satisfaction. Therefore, this article will treat delivery time as the important factors that affect product channel demands, and on this basis the delivery period cost function is constructed. The cost function is introduced to manufacturers profit function. By solving dual channel demand model and the profit function, the relationship of delivery time and service difference between the optimal price of online mall and retail shop. The research result shows that the optimal price of online mall and retail shop is delivery time concerned, and the online channel optimal price adjustment coefficient is greater than retail price. From the perspective of dual channel service level difference, retailers can make use of their channel advantages to increase the value-added service levels in order to improve the bargaining power under dual channel condition. Through the analysis of centralized and decentralized decision-making differences, dual channel coordination condition is obtained and this will be tested by numerical simulation model.This paper also discuss how to coordinate the inventory problems by manufacturer and retailer under dual channel conditions in order to maximize the total profit in dual channel system. We obtain the optimal inventory strategy of two patterns under random demand condition when we construct mathematical models of two inventory patterns: Manufacturers-retailer adopting the unified inventory coordination model and manufacturer-retailer independent Inventory Coordination Decision Model. Because of the randomness of market demand, this paper makes simulation analysis of dual channel inventory problem by MATLAB. According to the simulation results, channels stocking level is related to different channel random demand uncertainty positively; on the contrary, channel expecting profit is related to demand uncertainty negatively. When the total channel demand uncertainty and each dual channel demand uncertainty is the same, there will exist certain advantages by using the unified inventory coordination model, but what inventory model adopted under dual channel conditions should also consider the channel demand, total demand uncertainty and channel preferences.
Keywords/Search Tags:Manufacturer dual channel, Supply chain management, Channel coordination, Inventory model
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