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Research On Inventory Coordination Mechanism Considering The Transitive Factors In Dual Channel Supply Chain

Posted on:2019-05-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Driven by e-commerce and mobile internet,the new retail model has become even more prominent.More and more businesses realized that converging online and offline channels has made significant contributions to increasing the flexibility of the distribution system and gaining access to customer products in the marketplace,expanding corporate shares and enhancing operational efficiency and profitability throughout the supply chain.However,in the actual double-channel supply chain operation,online and offline businesses to consider the maximization of economic efficiency,a certain channel out of stock or product surplus,it will directly affect the efficiency and customer service levels.Therefore,how to solve the problem of unreasonable inventory is an urgent problem to be solved.In view of this,this thesis utilizes combines simulation tools and mathematical models,inconsistent inventory levels of different main channels between manufacturers and retailers introduce inventory decision-making problems of trans-shipment factors,decision-making optimization of inventory coordination mechanism and practical application,with a view to under the guidance of dual-channel supply chain inventory coordination mechanism,while bringing huge returns to the enterprise,it also provides a reasonable reference for promoting the performance and service enhancement of the entire supply chain.This thesis considers the dual-channel inventory decision-making and inventory coordination mechanism under the trans-shipment factor and its ordering strategy.Firstly,the problem of inventory transfer decision-making.The logical relationship between the structure of the inventory transfer system and the various elements of the system are analyzed,and the research boundary of the system is clarified.Analyzing the impact of changes in the transport price on the inventory and the profit of dual-channel retailers,using the Vensim simulation software to build a simulation model of inventory transfer,finding that inventory transfer can effectively solve the imbalance of stock distribution,thereby improving inventory economy;Secondly,the problem of decision-making and optimization of stock coordination mechanism under the consideration of transit factors.Based on the analysis of the dual-channel basic inventory strategy,effect of two coordination mechanisms on re-purchase and wholesale price contracts on optimal ordering strategies for online retailers and real retailers,established a stock coordination mechanism model for considering the transit factors,finding the conclusion that the dual-channel supply chain can adjust the repurchase price,transit price,wholesale price and other parameters to coordinate system inventory levels,and the stock coordination mechanism can improve performance.Thirdly,based on the above conclusion of the theoretical model,selected a retail enterprises of A for research on the above theoretical model,The research shows that under the consideration of transshipment factors,the conclusion of the repurchase contract and wholesale price contract can increase the quantity of orders and at the same time,it can reduce the stock shortage and inventory residual riskcaused by the demand uncertainty.The emergence of mobile Internet to subverts the Internet thinking,research dual-channel inventory coordination mechanism,enriched the existing inventory research methods and methods,In order to avoid supply chain manufacturers and retailers production,order blindness and improve customer service,provide a reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:Dual Channel Supply Chain, Inventory Coordination Mechanism, Ordering Strategy, Transfer Factor, Customer Service Level
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