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Research On The Regional Brand Development Strategy Of Raohe Northeast-China Black Bee

Posted on:2017-05-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C C ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330485953292Subject:Rural and regional development
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Heilongjiang Province as the country’s agricultural production province, with the further development of market economy, agricultural brand become a trend in our province and around the world, the brand has become an important condition for the development of a business dominate the market, proposed the implementation of brand development strategy to build the province well-known agricultural brand has become a trend.Brand strategy is the enterprise external and internal construction of a unified performance, showing more and more important role in the market competition. Raohe County, Heilongjiang Province, also attaches great importance to the Northeast black bee brand development, to encourage agricultural enterprises to create more specialty brands in Heilongjiang Province, the province’s agricultural higher visibility improved.Meanwhile Raohe County, Heilongjiang Northeast black bee business is characteristic of agricultural production enterprises, the production of the Northeast regional characteristics of black bee bee Heilongjiang Province. Raohe Northeast and bees slightly for enterprises to implement brand development in Heilongjiang Province agricultural modernization process, the Heilongjiang Provincial Development Features natural organic health p roducts during the province to improve agricultural diversification, promotion of beekeepers’ income has played a positive effect.Especially in the economic globalization in the 21 st century, if they want to Raohe Northeast and bees in the fierce competition in the market place wins, it must be on a strategic level to establish a brand, to establish their own corporate brand development strategy.Northeast black bee on Raohe brand strategy research, help improve the province’s agricultural business research and development, at the same time, the development of brand strategy herein Raohe Northeast black bee business research not only provides for the enterprise targeted development proposals, but also for more agricultural production enterprises to provide ex emplary advice.In this paper, PEST analysis model, Porter’s five forces model, SWOT analysis model for the study of the theoretical basis of brand strategy, the use of empirical analysis and normative analysis, questionnaire and field survey binding assay, literature study, a comprehensive in-depth analysis the study,on the status of construction Raohe Northeast and bees corporate brand development strategy to investigate and found the construction of enterprise brand development strategy, a number of problems exist in the process, such as a corporate body dispersion leads to brand difficulty concentrating, building brand awareness is not strong, the brand propaganda is not enough, and so on brand positioning fuzzy.By deficiencies on the process of building the brand development strategy in the presence of Raohe Northeast and bees external environment and internal environment analysis, the results showed that the Northeast and bees Raohe corporate managers recognize the degree of brand building inadequate an d inaccurate brand positioning is a major factor affecting Raohe Northeast and bees corporate brand development strategy.Finally, in order to ensure the construction Raohe Northeast and bees corporate brand development strategy, enterprises need to improve investment incentives and the introduction of talent, accelerate the industrialization of agriculture, need social forces and relevant government administrative departments of corporate brand-building strategy support, application and implementation of br and protection "excellent product traceability" standard, the use of large data established brands, the use of "Internet + bee" concept, strengthen brand awareness and promotion, increase nectar plants protection efforts and other aspects of Raohe County N ortheast black bee corporate brand strategy development and construction to provide feasible suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Raohe County, Northeast-China black bee, Brand strategy, Strategic Positioning
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