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Research On The Accounting Archives Cloud Storage Platform Of Small And Medium Enterprises

Posted on:2017-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Accounting archives is an important economic and historical evidence of a unit that records the economic business of this unit. At present, the accounting information has become the economy’s "universal language", all parties involved in the economic society use the accounting information to understand the relevant situation of the enterprise and to judge the economic trend. As required for long-term storage of the accounting information accounting records is the biggest economic and social economic information database. The qualifications such as high authenticity, wide range of sources, professional content and good continuity make accounting records valuable.Modern society is an information society and the process of information is accelerating.With the continuous development of information technology, now we can know that electronic accounting archives has become an inevitable trend. Firstly, accounting archives can save the cost of printing and storage of archives for enterprises. Secondly, it can also strengthen the country’s economic status of the monitoring. So it has a strong sense of progress. Therefore it is imperative to electronic accounting archives. However, the small and medium-sized enterprises have a lot of troubles in the process of electronic accounting records. This hinders the development of electronic accounting records and accounting informatization. Firstly electronic accounting files have many unique features such as cannot be denied, cannot arbitrarily change the nature. Therefore, we cannot simply eaqual the electronic accounting records with the electronic accounting records in financial system or ERP system.And small and medium enterprises lack of the related technology of the electronic accounting archives. Secondly, electronic accounting archives need to establish specialized accounting archives storage system, and small and medium enterprises faces the lack of economies of scale and the lack of power in the process of the construction of independent accounting archives storage system. How to effectively help small and medium enterprises to realize the electronic accounting archives is the main problem discussed in this paper.This paper puts forward the application of cloud storage technology in the electronic accounting file to solve the problem of electronic accounting files. Through the use of cloud storage technology, we can build an accounting file storage platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, using commercial operation or the government to provide public service model. The platform can make full use of economies of scale and exploit the advantage that customers obtain resources according to need. It can effectively reduce the cost burden of small and medium enterprises to improve their enthusiasm to promote the electronic accounting archives. It also can help the country to regulate the management of accounting files.In the text, the paper focuses on the necessity and feasibility of the accounting archives cloud storage platform of small and medium enterprises. First of all, this paper summarizes the theory and practice of cloud storage, accounting files and electronic accounting archives,and then demonstrates the necessity and feasibility of using cloud storage to solve the storage problems of electronic accounting archives of small and medium enterprises. Secondly, it analyzes and discusses the construction, use, operation and supervision of the accounting archives cloud storage platform of small and medium enterprises. Finally, it points out the difficulties in the construction of the platform and put forward the related suggestions.Limited to the author’s knowledge and ability, there are still many deficiencies in this paper.And welcome teachers and scholars to guide this paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:Accounting Archives, Cloud Storage, Small And Medium Enterprises
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