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Study Of The Dispatch Optimization Problem In Microgrid System With Renewable Resources And Electric Vehicles Integration

Posted on:2018-08-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C H SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2322330518460918Subject:Systems Engineering
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The vigorous development of electric vehicle industry has brought opportunities and challenges for the development of power grid.Electric vehicles have great advantages in reducing the fossil fuel combustion,and air pollution.However,a large number of uncontrolled EVs access to the grid will have a huge impact on the stable operation of the power grid,such as voltage flicker,power quality,harmonic pollution,etc.On the other hand,the reasonable charging and discharging control strategies of EVs can reduce the adverse influence of EVs on the grid and even improve the economy and stability of power grid operation.In this paper,a robust dispatch strategy is designed for the microgrid system with renewable energy and electric vehicles.This strategy schedules EVs charging and discharging behaviors for the sake of improving the economic performance of microgrid system under some stable operation constraints.The contributions of this paper can be summarized as follow.1.Robust optimization is applied in the dispatch problem of microgrid system with wind power and EVs integration.The optimized strategy can improve the economic performance of microgrid system under the insurance of system stability.2.To deal with the “over-conservatism” problem of the robust optimization,an adjustable robust dispatch strategy is applied for the dispatch problem of microgrid system.An “uncertain coefficient” is introduced to make a tradeoff between the robustness and economic performance.The proposed adjustable robust dispatch strategy schedules EVs charging in the period of rich renewable power and discharging with insufficient wind power,to improve the economic performance and ensure the stability of microgrid.3.The complexity of the problem is increasing rapidly by applying robust optimization in the dispatch problem of microgrid system.To deal with this challenge,we introduce a grouping dispatch strategy to schedule numerous EVs charging/discharging behavior without increasing the complexity of dispatch problem.4.Considering that the application of robust optimization in V2 G network is still at primary stage.This paper explores how to use the robust optimization to solve the energy scheduling V2 G network problems.The application scenarios are divided into three aspects,and we discuss the problem formulation and corresponding robust optimization algorithm of each scenario.This exploration provides a reference for the scholars on how to use robust optimization to solve the V2 G energy scheduling problem.
Keywords/Search Tags:Adjustable robust optimization, V2G network, Electric vehicles, Renewable energy resources
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