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A Research On Optimized Charging Strategy Of Electric Vehicles Under The Condition Of Electricity Market

Posted on:2020-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2392330578970052Subject:Master of Electronic and Communication Engineering
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In the context of the world's energy structure continues to increase the proportion of renewable energy consumption,the promotion of electric vehicles has become the main method for cleaning alternatives on the demand side.Since 2015,the reform of the electricity market has been carried out in China,and today,effective progress has been made.Many new mechanisms are constantly being used in electricity market transactions,and these is increasing the costs of market units.Combined electric vehicle charging service to carry out renewable energy consumption can not only reduce the impact of electric vehicle disordered charging on the grid,but also reduce the green cost for market units.This thesis studies the initiative charging optimization strategy of EVs.Firstly,the new mechanisms in the electricity market are reviewed in detail,and the needs of these are analyzed.According to the research of EV charging demand analysis and charging key technology,the design idea of this thesis is proposed.Secondly,an initiative charging control method for EVs based on "electricity pack" is proposed,which considers the user's self-selectivity and user charging satisfaction and absorb renewable energy as much as possible.Finally,under the future scenario,an optimal control strategy for electric vehicles considering multi-agent benefits is proposed.The system dynamics theory is used to study the system involved in the whole charging optimization strategy.It has achieved a good situation in which all parties have a win-win situation,which contributes to the smooth development of new mechanisms and the reasonable control of the orderly charging of electric vehicles.Through the analysis,compared with the disordered charging and the orderly charging control,the initiative control strategy proposed in this thesis has better effect of tracking and eliminating the consumption of renewable energy curves.It is more able to meet the user's demand for electricity,effectively reducing the number of controls in the charging process,reducing the heavy calculation of the system and frequent communication pressure.In the market environment,it can achieve a win-win situation for renewable energy plants,state grid companies,electricity sales operators and users.It effectively reduces the green costs.And because of the increase of charging business,it has brought more power consumption,which can positively affect the proportion of renewable energy consumption.
Keywords/Search Tags:Electric Vehicles, Orderly Charging, Renewable Energy, Trading Green Certificates, Renewable Portfolio Standard
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