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Research On Error Analysis Of AOA/TDOA Location By Two-UAVs

Posted on:2018-04-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2322330536987481Subject:Measuring and Testing Technology and Instruments
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Unmanned aerial vehicle plays an increasingly important role on the battlefield with its unique advantages of small size,good maneuverability,zero casualty,etc.The main task of the UAV is to monitor the battlefield and locate enemy targets to prepare for further precision strikes in the modern information war.In order to locate the enemy target more snugly,safely,accurately,AOA/TDOA passive location in which UAV is used as an observation station is researched in this paper.The influence of the measurement error of parameters on AOA/TDOA of two-UAVs is analyzed.And the method of positioning error improved is given.The research work starts from the following:The composition of general passive location system and observed quantity are analyzied in this paper.The basic principle,solving method of AOA,TDOA,AOA/TDOA passive location systems are researched.The localization error of three passive positioning systems is deduced theoretically by differential method.And the positioning error distributions of the three positioning systems are simulated and compared under the different measurement error of parameters.According to the simulation results,AOA/TDOA is selected for passive location of UAV.The positioning model and resolving algorithm of AOA/TDOA location by UAV as an observation station are researched in this paper.Because UAV observation station is different from ground fixed observation station,UAV's own flight attitude will also affect the target location.In order to introduce the UAV's attitude information into the target location algorithm,this paper proposes a resolving algorithm of AOA/TDOA location by UAV as an observation station with using the transformation between different coordinate systems.The effectiveness of the algorithm is verified by simulation.The influence of positioning error of main parameters is analyzed by Monte Carlo method according to the algorithm of AOA/TDOA by two-UAVs.In order to reduce the influence of measurement error of parameters,a new method is proposed to improve positioning error by using the filtering algorithm.The effect of positioning error improving through particle filter and extended Kalman filter is compared.
Keywords/Search Tags:Unmanned aerial vehicle, AOA/TDOA, Positioning error analysis, Filtering algorithm, Positioning error improvement
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