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Research Of Positioning And Compensating Angle Error In Real Time To The 2D Stage

Posted on:2019-08-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2382330545966567Subject:Measuring and Testing Technology and Instruments
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With the development of nanolithography,MEMS manufacturing and bioengineering,the requirements for the positioning accuracy of the stage are also getting higher and higher.In the measurement system,the positioning accuracy of the stage will be affected by its angular motion error,therefore,in order to achieve the nano-precision positioning target,a method is proposed to compensate for the angular motion error and linear positioning error of the two-dimensional(2D)stage.Laser measuring system as angle feedback device to detect the yaw angle,pitch angle,and displacement in the X-axis direction and the Y-axis direction during the movement of the stage,a 6-DOF micro stage based on piezoelectric ceramic actuators and flexible hinges as a compensation mechanism,through the software to control the input voltage of piezoelectric actuator in micro stage to achieve the purpose of compensating the angular motion error and linear positioning error of the stage.The main work is as follows:1.A computer and a 2D multi-degree-of-freedom laser measuring system are Combined with a 2D nano-positioning stage which possess angle error correction,a system that 2D stage for positioning and real-time angle error compensation is constructed.2.The compensation scheme is proposed on the concept of macro-micro drive,using piezoelectric ceramics in micro stages will produce small displacement that cause the micro stage to deflect or translate,then realizing the compensation of angular motion error and linear positioning error to the entire stage.3.The software program is divided into four modules,which are angle measurement,length measurement,angle compensation and length positioning,each module is independent and interconnected.4.The feasibility of angular motion error and linear position error compensation are verified by the experiments.Experimental results show that,the stage in the motion range of 50 mm×50 mm,the angle error of 2D stage can be controlled within ±3 ? after the angle compensation,the linear positioning error measured by the laser measuring system is less than 30 nm after the length positioning.
Keywords/Search Tags:2D stage, angular motion error, linear positioning error, piezoelectric actuator, angle compensation, length positioning
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