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Study On Braking Energy Recovery Technology Of Blade Electric Vehicle

Posted on:2019-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2322330542460786Subject:Vehicle Engineering
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In the face of today's increasingly scarce energy problems,countries are looking for new energy to replace the existing non renewable energy.As one of the main sources of energy consumption and environmental pollution,the development of automobile is facing severe test.Electric vehicles is undoubtedly a new generation of environmentally friendly new energy vehicles,is causing widespread concern.Due to restriction of battery capacity,low battery life has become the bottleneck of the development of pure electric vehicles,the electric vehicle energy saving is very important,brake energy recovery technology is a very promising technology,the braking energy recovery efficiency is an urgent problem to be solved.In this paper,starting from the design goal of the electric vehicle,the vehicle powertrain parameters are matched,and the braking energy recovery device and control method are studied.The system comprises a vehicle control system,a mechanical braking system and a regenerative energy recovery system.The vehicle control system includes the vehicle controller,the vehicle speed sensor,the brake pedal position sensor and so on.The regenerative braking energy recovery system comprises a drive motor and a motor controller,a super capacitor and a vehicle mounted storage battery,and a DC/DC converter between the super capacitor and the vehicle battery.The hydraulic brake system is used in the mechanical braking system.The hydraulic system includes the brake cylinder,the brake pedal,the brake pressure distributor and so on.This control strategy through effective recycling and storage,so the drive combined with effective braking,one hand improves the dynamic performance of electric vehicles,on the other hand the electric vehicle braking energy recovery efficiency in braking,while ensuring the safety of braking.The model of regenerative braking energy recovery system by Matlab/simulink,running in different road conditions,the simulation data of the regenerative braking system,the braking and energy recovery situation analysis of the simulation data storage under different conditions can control strategy.The simulation results show that the fuzzy logic control strategy can effectively recover the braking energy and improve the energy recovery rate compared with the traditional rule logic control strategy.The hybrid super capacitor and battery energy storage system can be effective for braking energy conversion,the conversion efficiency is high,at the same time for comparison of electric vehicle power demand,the super capacitor can effectively carry out the "peak",prolongs the service life of the battery.
Keywords/Search Tags:electric vehicle, regenerative braking energy recovery, super capacitor, control strategy, fuzzy logic
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