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Research On Vehicle Control,Safety Protection And Multi-model Predictive Control Of Four-wheel-independent-drive Electric Vehicle

Posted on:2018-05-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H FanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2322330542951866Subject:Vehicle engineering
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Compared with the rapid development of global electric vehicle technology,China's electric vehicle is limited by technical reasons,the development of slow.There are still many deficiencies and defects in the field of professional research.In particular,we will study on the four wheel direct drive electric vehicles,due to increase of the actuator hub motor,four wheel drive(Four-Wheel-In-Drive,4WID)the probability of failure of the electric vehicle will be much greater than the traditional vehicle,anything could cause serious consequences.Therefore,in this paper,we study the safety protection of four wheel direct drive electric vehicle.Because the four wheel direct drive electric vehicle has the distribution on both sides of the actuator,so we use(Vehicle Control Unit,VCU)to coordinate the various functional components of the automobile fault diagnosis and processing.This paper designs the electrical control and management strategy for electric vehicle safety problems,according to the risk condition we design a high security strategy,mechanical structure and electrical characteristics of four wheel independent drive electric vehicle,fusion model theory and multiple model switching control,the vehicle stability control scheme of multi step generalized predictive model electric vehicle control theory based on predictive control.Firstly,a simple analysis of the structure and characteristics of wheel motor driven four wheel independent drive electric vehicle,the vehicle controller architecture design of these characteristics of the 4WID electric car,analysis of the specific procedures of vehicle control architecture,including vehicle power distribution,motor vehicle and vehicle distribution signal transmission process,priority design of whole CAN communication network protocol the signal,and introduce the D2P development process based on rapid prototyping.The paper summarizes the high voltage safety problems of 4WID electric vehicles,and some high voltage safety control principles to describe the high voltage safety control strategy of 4WID electric vehicles.Priority design of fault processing for fault degree;according to the principle of design of 4WID electric vehicle high voltage power on security strategy,and applied in high voltage 4WID electric vehicle safety system;resistance detection method research of passive insulation,ensure the insulation safety of 4WID electric car,in the insulation design for electric vehicle test later make security protection.The dynamic analysis of electric vehicles under normal conditions and based on dynamic principle establishes the vehicle simulation model,vehicle model,vehicle dynamics model including vehicle steering system model,the tire model magic and motor model.Structure and algorithm of multi model predictive control for electric vehicle based on adaptive model and adaptive model with variable initial value.In the simulation,using the Carsim model as the vehicle model based on vehicle data set the relevant parameters,and the simulation of vehicle condition set,combined with simulation experiment of Carsim and Simulink,through the simulation results to verify the effect of the multi model predictive control method.And the multi model predictive control algorithm is written into the vehicle controller for real vehicle test.
Keywords/Search Tags:Four-wheel-drive, Electric Vehicle, Multi-Model Predictive Control, High-voltage Security Strategy, Vehicle Controll Unit
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