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New Topology Principle And Application Of Isolated Adjustable PWM Voltage-doubler DC Power Supply

Posted on:2018-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R X GuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2322330542972447Subject:Power electronics and electric drive
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At present,the development trend of high voltage DC power supply is high-frequency,digital,portable and intelligent.In general,according to its application,it can be divided into high electric field applications,electrostatic applications,discharge applications three categories.With the continuous improvement of high-voltage DC power technology,from the power withstand voltage test to the pulse ignition technology,from the laser power to the environmental electrostatic precipitator,from the X-ray device to the agricultural seed electrostatic treatment,it is widely used in many fields,Which shows its research value.First,a variety of boost(voltage doubler)topologies and frequency,high frequency voltage regulation strategies are compared and analyzed.In this paper,a novel voltage regulating voltage doubler boost topology is proposed,which adds an inductance between the post-stage voltage doubler circuit and the isolation transformer secondary side.The high-voltage DC power supply can be divided into AC-DC,DC-AC and AC-DC three-stage power conversion,compared with the common high-frequency program which reduces a stage of DC-DC power changing,at the same time can be achieved by changing the duty cycle to adjust the size of the output voltage function.In this paper,the new topology of PWM adjustable DC power supply is analyzed,and the feasibility of the topology scheme through PSIM simulation platform is verified.And the qualitative analysis of the influence factors of the output voltage of the power supply is given,and a modeling idea of the basic voltage doubler voltage circuit in this paper is given and the correctness is verified.In this paper,according to the engineering application background,a high-voltage DC power supply with a maximum 8k V output voltage and a maximum current requirement of 10 m A is designed and implemented.While achieving continuous voltage and current regulation,and the power supply with constant current and constant voltage modes.The PWM controllable H-inverter bridge circuit is adopted in the pre-stage of the HVDC power supply system.The new type of voltage doubling topology is adopted in the post-stage.To achieve the duty cycle can be adjusted,the program used PWM control strategy is high frequency interleaving,can produce positive and negative symmetrical three square wave voltage.And the hardware part includes the H inverter bridge and its drive circuit design,anti-surge design,transformer design and sampling and detection circuit design,etc;the software part includes the ARM minimum system of high frequency interleaving and the implementation of closed-loop system designs for voltage and current loops.Through the experimental results,it is confirmed that the DC power supply with PWM voltage doubling voltage proposed in this paper can realize the voltage boosting function by changing the duty ratio and can meet the engineering requirements.
Keywords/Search Tags:high voltage DC switching power supply, doubler topology, new adjustable voltage doubler topology, high frequency interleaving
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