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Malaysian Students Chinese Textual Cohesion And Coherence Biased Errors Analysis

Posted on:2017-10-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2335330482485456Subject:Chinese international education
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The discourse in Chinese language teaching is of great significance, except for characteristics, vocabulary, and grammar. The cohesion of discourse has become a problem for not only students of primary stage, but also for senior students. Nowadays no the Chinese language teaching in both China and overseas hasn't put the teaching and research of discourse on top priority, they expressed under better circumstances, but often can not adequately be expressed in a single sentence into segments. The focus is still on teaching grammar, Chinese characters, vocabulary, etc.,at the same time there are many research on biased errors of language study Cohesion, but lack Textual Errors research combined with cohesion and coherence.Therefore, the paper collected nearly 170,000 words of linguistic data of Malaysian students and, with reference to existing research results, classified their deviation in terms of two categories---ohesion and coherence. Analysis was made under this framework and hence came the conclusion:textual cohesive deviation falls into four aspects, namely, referential deviation, structural cohesion deviation, logical connection deviation and lexical cohesion deviation; textual coherence deviation includes contextual coherence deviation and semantic coherence deviation. Under every category there were more detailed sub-categories. Later the paper combined research framework and language data to carry out detailed deviation analysis and made data statistics.After analyzing all the data, working out the percentage of different types of deviations and the number of deviation per thousand characters, it became clear that the Malaysian students in Beijing Foreign Studies University mainly had trouble in textual cohesion, especially in referential deviation and logical connection deviation. Their deviation in textual coherence mainly occurred in semantic coherence between lines, indicating that students were less competent to find "partial semantic clue" than finding overall ones. And with that, the author proposed some teaching suggestions in terms of teaching materials, teachers, students and tests, on improving Malaysian students' textual cohesion and coherence.Based on the authentic language data of Malaysian students, the paper re-classify the types of textual cohesive deviations and combined them with textual coherence, so as to better complete the research of textual deviation, textual teaching and research in the field of TCSL(teaching Chinese as a Second Language), and to help improve students' ability to utter long sentences or paragraphs in actual teaching scenario.
Keywords/Search Tags:discourse, discourse cohesion, bias in coherent discourse, discourse teaching
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