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Text Of The 20th Century Female Discourse

Posted on:2001-04-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2205360002452723Subject:Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature
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Abstract Language is a main way by which people compre - ? bend the outside world and himself. Discourse is applied language, so the choice of discourse way reflects different aspect of the close relationship between people and lan - guage The transformation of discourse pattern about female texts in the 20th century is some kind of reflection of such close relationship under given conditions. The author thinks, during different historical environ - ment, emotional discourse as conversation between owners of linguistic?, revolutionary discourse as 搈edium by which the owners understand the outside world?, ideological discourse as grasp of the existing world?which is deter - minded by culture, sexual discourse as 損ower of cultural critique ?which introspects culture , embodies different aspect of the relationship between language and human he - ings . That is to say, emotional discourse in 揗ay 4th period is the outcome of language, which influences and changes people?s sentiment. Revolutionary discourse in warfare period is the product of language, which influ - ences and changes people?s behavioral way. Ideological discourse after the establishment of our state is one of the me(Iia by which the owners of discourse establish their hegemonic status. Sexual discourse of the 搉ew period? has demonstrated the similar sentimental discourse of 揗ay 4 tb?period first, and then, being influenced by western feminism, has displayed the overturning function of un - guistic in 揚ost ?new period? Discourse pattern of female texts in the 20th century enlighten us at least from the following four aspects: the relationship between discourse pattern and human beings, the basic status of emotional discourse , the chief difference between Chinese and western feminism texts, the latent regularity about the transfonnation of discourse pattern , etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:Female texts, discourse pattern, emotional discourse, revolutionary discourse, ideological discourse, sex - ual discourse, enlightenment
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