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Research On The Compulsory Insurance System Of Motor Vehicle Traffic Accident Liability Of China

Posted on:2016-12-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The rapid development of economy and science and technology has changed the way of people to go out. It provides the public with more convenient and comfortable motor vehicles for people to by, however, it also brings increasingly frequent traffic accidents. As we all know, when motor vehicles is on the road, it will have a high risk. If the traffic accident happens without having any relevant insurance, victims will suffer from huge damage in mental and physical, even victims will face the danger of death.In these situations, the perpetrators will face the heavy pressure of huge compensation. Therefore, for the purpose of maintaining the rights of victims timely and effective, and sharing the huge compensation of perpetrators, our country has established a law which named compulsory insurance system of motor vehicle traffic accident liability(hereinafter referred to as “traffic accident insurance"). The establishment of this system is not only making our laws more and more perfect but also provides guarantee with people's life and property. Besides it is a maintenance measure of traffic safety and social harmonious.The paper is mainly research the traffic accident insurance system from four parts. The first part is the summary of traffic accident insurance,mainly analyze our country existing system from its concept and characters. In this part, it also introduces the differences and relations between traffic accident insurance and commercial third party liability insurance to conclude that the owner or manager of motor vehicle often insures the latter to supplement the former insurance. The second part is discusses the compulsory motor vehicle traffic accident liability insurance system and its shortage, thus more able to understand our country nowadays pay insurance system implementation status. The last part analysis the characteristics of the main developed countries and regions and supplemental security scheme, to summarizes and perfect compulsory motor vehicle traffic accident liability insurance system, so that our country insurance is more appropriate to the needs of the society, maintain the development and stability of society.
Keywords/Search Tags:compulsory insurance system of motor vehicle traffic accident liability, compensation system, supplemental security scheme
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