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Research On The Independent Trial In China Since The Reform And Opening—up

Posted on:2017-08-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330485477086Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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Justice is the life of the judiciary, the most important criterion for testing the judicial work,and the ultimate goal of judicial reform. The independent trial is the foundation and core element of the judicial justice, and plays an important role in the realization of judicial justice. Since the reform and opening up to the outside world,restoration of the rule of law in our country gradually from the destroyed condition by The "Cultural Revolution". Courts restored trial temporary judicial independence development gradually. But until now, justice is still subject to the interference and restriction of various factors. Miscarriages of justice, judicial injustice, trial independence of serious damage to the authority and credibility of the judiciary. The evolution course of the independent trial since the reform and opening up is the re examination and grasp of the development law, which is of great significance to the scientific and reasonable construction of the independent trial system of our country.China's Constitution clearly stipulates that the main body of the independent trial for the court, but the actual trial work will eventually be implemented in the judge. The judge's independent trial is the key to achieve the independent operation of the judicial power. Through to the reform and opening up since the development of judicial independence combing, trying to explore the reform and opening up since judicial independence in evolution, in-depth analysis of the impact factors of judicial independence, and combining with the current judicial reform policy and the specific reform measures, put forward to ensure the judicial independence of practical and reasonable suggestions, and on this basis to explore the future development direction of China's judicial independence: independent of the trial court to judge. So every citizen can feel the justice in every case and we could get the justice.
Keywords/Search Tags:judicial justice, judicial independence, judicial evolution, institutional guarantee, development direction
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