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With The Marxist Religion To Look At The "Religion Hot" In The New Century In China

Posted on:2017-04-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330488490520Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Marxism religion,under the guidance of Marx and Engels about religious thoughts,all the Marxist essence of religion,the social function of religion and the law of the formation,development to the demise of the related aspects,such as summed up the scientific theories and views.It is an important part of Marxist system,has been without special attention by the academia.Especially in China since the new century,the global scope,the phenomenon of "religion hot" growing,accompanied by the phenomenon,Marxism religion began to attract the attention of academia and attention.This article comply with this concern and attention,on the basis of forefathers' research,on the main content of Marxist religion carding,analysis,summed up the reasonable content,used to look at "religion hot" in the new century in our country,and draw a scientific conclusion,in order to guide our practical work.Full text is divided into five chapters: the first chapter carding domestic and foreign scholars on the study of Marxist religion,overall,foreign scholars discourse on religion mostly to stand in the Angle of the individual,the lack of creativity,domestic scholars mainly from "religion is the opium of the people" "religious coordinated with socialism" "five religious" "policy on freedom of religious belief" several core issues ofthe paper discusses the religious idea of Marxism;The second chapter expounds the development course of Marxist religion,generally including historical materialism,Marx and Engels after the generation of religion and its complement,Lenin rich of it and Chinese Marxist political,the use and development of several stages,the stage that Marxism religion is not a static existence remains the same,but in practice constantly enrich and develop;The third chapter discussed some basic theories of Marxist religious point of view,is mainly to regularity of the formation,development and extinction of religion,the nature of religion and social function of theory;The fourth chapter analyzes and summarizes the phenomenon of "religion hot" in the new century in our country;The author thinks the new century the emergence of "religion hot" in our country,is not an isolated existence,but a political,economic,cultural and social psychological aspects of reasons,cannot use a single causal analysis,but the application of comprehensive three-dimensional causal analysis to clear;The last chapter theory with practice,on the basis of front research expounds the I of the new century our country view the conclusion of "religion hot",basically include: " religion hot" actually is the result of social economic basis change constantly,under socialist conditions,this will persist;The essence of "religion hot" lies in the alienation of between social forces and human itself;"Religion hot" in the new era not only negative impact on China's mainstream ideology,threatto social stability and disrupt the market economy,it is to our country in the new era of economic prosperity,international exchanges,deepen reform,promote the construction of a harmonious society is also helpful.For "religion hot" in the new century,we should be comprehensive,science,so as to make scientific and reasonable religious policy,promote our country's prosperity and development in an all-round way constantly.
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