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Cost Management In The Application Of The E-government Project

Posted on:2017-12-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C X WanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330512452032Subject:Project management
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In China, even though increasingly more companies choose PMI system as their project management (PM) system, e-government is different from general engineering project in PM pattern and method. E-government has its own character: demand uncertainty and content innovation. On one hand, demand uncertainty result in client demand change frequently, so cost controlling becomes more difficult. On the other hand, project content innovation stress on technology level, which demand specialized and professional talents to implement project, and as a result, human cost high in e-government project. Therefore, it's an emphasis and also a difficulty that how to control project adjustment and human cost.This thesis analyzes e-government cost composition, and cost character in each stage, project option, project implement, and maintenance in full life cycle. Also, based on the analysis above and also take the author's project management experience over the years, this thesis is going to raise cost components in each stage of e-government affairs project entire life cycle and cost management methods in each stage.In the stage of project option, the cost is composed of decision-making cost and bidder cost, and taking EVA (Economic Value Added) method estimate cost. In the stage of project implement, the total cost is composed of payroll costs, travel expense, hardware and software cost. This thesis estimates cost from bottom to top during implement stage and maintenance stage, and on the basis of cost estimation result, cost budget is able to form a project cost base line. Then, analysis with EVM, and take EVM manage cost variance.This thesis states in the light of'city A e-government project' cases and realistic project data, and the author analyze issues in accordance with cost management models and methodologies of e-government affairs project entire life cycle which summarized from daily working practices. The data analysis is able to prove the models and methods the author raised, and these are valuable and operable when apply to project entire life cycle cost management, which could assist e-government affairs project cost control and management.In the end, hoping that this thesis research could be able to help my company control cost better and enhance its competitiveness as well, even more, hoping this thesis could contribute its humble reference function to related company and field.
Keywords/Search Tags:e-government affairs Project, Cost Management, Life Cycle Cost Management, Cost Estimation, Cost Budgeting, Earned Value Analytical Approach, Earned Value Management
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