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Study On The United States Assistance Policy Towards Mekong Development Project (1957-1975)

Posted on:2017-12-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the longest international river in Southeast Asia, Mekong river was the "Middle Ground" competed for by the United States and the Soviet Union at the beginning of the Cold War. The United States hoped to boost the economy and the social development of the Mekong Valley Countries by developing the Mekong valley so as to contain the expansion of communism. From the set-up of Mekong Committee in 1957 to its dissolution in 1975, the United States had aided the Mekong Development Project for nearly 20 years and 1965 was made the turning point for the Mekong Development Project supported by the United States. The United States' aid was relatively cautious and careful before, but it became bold and active after 1965 as the situation in Southeast Asia and the United States' policy toward it changed. The assistance by the United States to the Mekong Development Project, with the development of the Vietnam war, served as an essential diplomatic instrument of the United States. And the Mekong Development Project was in fact the "carrot" the United States offered to Southeast Asia while she waved the stick.
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