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Research On The Protection Of Rural Financial Consumers' Righths And Intrests In China

Posted on:2016-11-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330512472790Subject:Economic Law
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The financial industry of China is developed continuously in recent years,with the financial market is reformed daily and the new financial products are revealed constantly,while the rural finance has became the "short board" of the financial system in our country.The customers from the rural area are being the weak side within the whole financial transactions.Due to the shortage of financial knowledge and the weak awareness of personal rights,violations are happened frequently,leading to the development of the rural finance is hampered seriously.Therefore,the protection of the rights and interests of consumers in rural areas is particularly necessary.In the post-crisis era,the protection of rights and interests of financial consumers is imminent,while the development of agriculture and the increased population of the rural area make the research become very urgent.The concept of financial consumers is still debated in academic,the legal concept of financial customers have not been clearly defined also.In practice,the regulations for the protection of financial consumers are quite scattered.Therefore,the author from the legal level,conducting the thorough research of the protection of rights and interests of the rural financial consumers,through the process of financial development of the "short board",achieving the overall situation of the financial interests of consumers consequently.In the first chapter,the author makes a comb based on the continuous academic debate within the definitions of financial consumers,raising the connotation of financial buyers is natural person,purchasing financial products receiving financial services.Excluding the institutional investors,financial customers are including banking consumers and insurance consumers.Using it as a base,the concept of the rural financial consumers is to purchase of financial products and accept the financial service.Then the main right content for the rural financial customers has been enumerated and the theoretical basis of the law on the protection of financial interests of consumers is analyzed also by the author.As a result,it provides a theoretical basis for the protection of the rights and interests of rural financial consumers.And than,the author combines the status of the protections for the rural financial consumers,analyzing the infringement types,legislative protections and the maintenance of legal rights of the rural financial customers,discovering the existing problems consequently.Then according to the analysis of the current protections of rights and interests for the rural financial consumers,the author points out that it exits many problems.Because of the deficiencies in law and regulations,and rights protection mechanism and relief mechanism is inadequate,also the particularity of the rural market in China,all these lead to the existence of loopholes in China's rural financial consumer rights and interests protection.Through the chapters above,from the theory and practice,as well as the roots of the rural financial consumer rights and interests protection,the author conducts a comprehensive analysis as a consequence.In view of the problems,the former protections,the relief,and also the legal countermeasures are raised by the author.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural financial consumer, The rights and interests of consumers, Legal protection, Financial institution
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