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Prevent Position Crime Legislation Research

Posted on:2017-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Traditional anti-corru ption mechanism has not meet the need of anti-corru ption work,we mu st change the anti-corru ption mechanism,adhere to the "to pu nish with prevention,focu s on prevention" policy.As an extreme form of corru ption,strengthen the prevention of position crime is an important breakthrough of anti-corru ption work.Prevention before the case can help constantly to root ou t soil and conditions which corru ption and position crime born,to nip the corru ption and position crime in the bu d.In addition,to gu arantee healthy and smooth development of the position crime prevention,the legal system of prevent ion of the position crime mu st be set u p,legal authority to confirm the importance of the position crime prevention mu st be u sed,and laws which su pport and guarantee the position crime prevention mu st be u sed.At the same time,prevent the position crime law can standard prevention behaviors,restrain the prevention position crime by laws.Therefore,we shou ld put the prevention crime legislation in an important position,regard it as a fu ndamental strategy to against anti-corru ption.Based on the stu dy o f related theoretical basis of the prevent crime legislation,the paper carried on the valu e analysis of the prevent position crime legislation in our cou ntry.By introdu cing the method of comparative stu dy and learning the legislation theory and practice of the prevent position crime in other cou ntries,we saw the present situation of our cou ntry in the aspect of prevention of position crime legislation and realized the u rgency of the legislation.Eventually,the paper set the basic framework of the legis lation: drafted the objectives,gu idelines,basic principles,su bject,object,content,legal responsibility and the work principle of the prevent position crime legislative;put forward su ggestions to establish complementary measu res of preventing positio n crime laws,su ch as establishing special prevent position crime of state organs,establishing prevent position crime information database,promoting information sharing,link ing u p the prevention legislation and the criminal legislation and so on.T he re search and su ggestions of the paper can play a role of preventing position crime legislation work.
Keywords/Search Tags:Prevent the position crime, Legislation, Prevention, The punishment Crime prevention by taking advantage of du ty, legislation, Pu nishment
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