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The Challenges And Countermeasures Of Network Anarchy To The Ideological Security Of Our Country

Posted on:2017-05-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330488486352Subject:Marxism in China
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The emergence of the Internet and development,brought great changes to the society,deeply changing people’s way of life,way of thinking and communication.This relatively easy network environment is convenient for people to receive and transmit information.It offers many effective ways for the spread of socialist mainstream ideology,but it also prompted network anarchism trend,populist trend,the new left trend,nationalism trend,new liberalism ideological trend of all kinds of social ideological trend,influencing and changing people’s values,threatening the safety of socialist ideology.Facing the complex international environment of globalization and our country in the critical period of social transformation,dealing with network anarchist ideas,consolidating the the mainstream ideology has great urgency.The study subject of this text based on security challenges of anarchist ideology on network.The author tries to explore the inherent law of network anarchism survival and development to find maintain roads and pathways to protect the safety for socialist ideology.In this article,therefore,the research on network anarchy and socialist ideology both has certain theory value and practical significance.Overall,in this paper,I expound my views from two perspectives of theory and practice,two dimensions of virtual and reality,discuss it in theory exploring,problem analysis,countermeasures for the main line.Based on the introduction to network anarchy as a research starting point,I expounds the concept,nature,origin and form of expression of the social ideological,and then the theoretical basis is found to influence people’s thoughts and values of network anarchy.Further,I summarize the negative impact of this ideological trend on weakening and reducing the socialism ideology security.Network anarchism by relying on the Internet,not only can destroy the stability of the virtual network space order,but also can cause chaos in people’s thoughts in the real world.Network anarchism is caused by many factors Therefore,we should deal with it through the political,economic,cultural and social psychological aspects of comprehensive measures,to ensure safety in the field of socialist ideology.
Keywords/Search Tags:Network anarchy, Ideology, Reasons, Challenges, Countermeasures
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