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On "Government Officials Neglecting Their Duties" And Its Governance

Posted on:2018-12-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330512991502Subject:Administrative Management
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Since 18 th CPC National Congress,with the clean government and honest government into a steady progress,“government officials neglecting their duties” issue has attracted much attention,which is disguised corruption,and must be in-depth analysis and special rectification,positive guidance and strengthen the responsibility.“Where there is action,there is position”,government officials or leading cadres not only need to fulfill the “honest” post duty,but also put an end to the action of“government officials neglecting their duties”.This requires that government officials should finish the tasks batter and better.“Government officials neglecting their duties” means that government officials couldn’t timely and effectively perform their statutory duties within the scope of responsibility and lead to inaction,“inaction” for short.Its main manifestations are“don’t want to”,“can’t do”,“not dare do” and “do slowly "when they work.The current research focused on its manifestation,causes,management ideas and methods,but lacks the basic research,failing to dig out the connotation and root of the problem of governance path and method in a system.Based on the theoretical analysis tools of Xi Jinping’s theory of state administration,Downs’ bureaucratic theory and combined with the selected typical case,this article specifically analyzes the behavioral motive of officials,the operation mechanism of government organizations and the external environment due to putting forward the corresponding management ideas,providing reference for further problem governance and research.This paper is divided into five chapters,the main structure is as follows: Chapter one introduction,which is mainly on the research background,significance,literature review at home and abroad,the definition of basic concepts and related theoretical basis,research ideas,research methods and innovation.In the second chapter,on the basis of “government officials neglecting their duties” analysis of motivation factors from theoretical logic and practical performance,the main reason is from the individual power requirements,security requirements,ability motivation and hedonist motivation.In the third chapter,on the basis of “government officials neglecting their duties” analysis of operation mechanism factors from theoretical logic and practical performance,the main reason is from the supervision mechanism,incentive mechanism,accountability mechanism and safeguard mechanism.In the fourthchapter,on the basis of “government officials neglecting their duties” analysis of external environmental factors from theoretical logic and practical performance,its causes from the environment of public opinion,the environment of legal system,the environment of citizen participation and the environment of mass culture.Chapter five countermeasure,the basic ideas of governance is that correcting the behavior of officials motives,improving the organization operation mechanism and creating a clean external environment.
Keywords/Search Tags:“Government Officials Neglecting Their Duties”, Governance of clean government, Construction of clean government, Motivation, Mechanism, Environment
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