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Research On Legal Problems Of Internet Bank Supervision

Posted on:2017-04-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Q SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330515463679Subject:Science of Law
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Internet banking is a new form of banking business,with the new century,the vigorous development of Internet technology and e-commerce,the traditional form of transaction has undergone tremendous changes,online banking is becoming an important part of the financial system and of people’s lives indispensable trading platform.Trends in the world has entered the Internet age,the country to seize the historic opportunity to put forward the "Internet +" strategy,aimed to seize the opportunities of the Internet economy and the Internet to promote the depth of all walks of life converged.In the era of the information industry,for the realization of China’s leading position in the global Internet economy,providing financial services to support the economic development of the network for the Internet banking has become an important force to be reckoned with.The rapid development of Internet banking is inseparable from sound and effective supervision,otherwise uncontrolled financial industry will lead to huge risks to the economy.Firstly,the need for online banking and regulatory risks from the start,the analysis of the network banks in innovation and development is faced with both opportunities and face the risk of the healthy development of Internet banking is inseparable from sustainable and effective external supervision.Secondly,the real problem of network banking supervision and the legal system were discussed,our network banking supervision legal system is not perfect,uncoordinated regulatory mechanisms,security mechanisms and customer rights protection is not in place and other issues have become a limiting banks to continue to develop our network unfavorable factors and growth.Again,the network of foreign bank supervision system has been collated and analyzed,drawing on the lessons learned from a series of foreign online banking supervision system.Finally,perfecting the legal system and network banking supervision system,strengthen online banking security mechanisms to protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers to perfect the legal system of network banking supervision put forward a series of countermeasures and suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet bank, risk, regulatory
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