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Legal System Of Our Country Commercial Bank Market Exit

Posted on:2018-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In today’s economic globalization,the development of our financial industry has mentioned an important agenda.Our country has preliminarily formed the bank legal system suitable to our national conditions,the system is composed of laws,regulations and relevant departmental rules,these rules system not only for the supervision of commercial banks to provide relevant laws and regulations,but also to stabilize the financial industry and improve the banking industry has a great role and positive significance.But the withdrawal of the banking market as part of the risk in the market economy system,the perfect legal system should not,nor can guarantee that the bank will not withdraw from the market.Obviously,there is a market there will be competition,will be an evolution of the phenomenon,this is the result of market competition is inevitable,especially under the condition of market economy is extremely common,as Banks in the financial sector is also can not.Therefore,in order to ensure the orderly operation of the market norms,to avoid risks or even eliminate risks,must be based on the relevant laws forced financial institutions to withdraw from the market.Therefore,in our country to establish a sound set of relatively perfect financial institutions market exit mechanism,but also to further regulate the activities of financial institutions and to ensure the stable operation of the financial sector,these laws and regulations is very important,and it is also to our country socialist market economy the urgent requirement of laws and regulations.In the 2008 financial crisis,The bankruptcy mark of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.of the United States is the end of the financial institution’s " Too Big to Fail" myth.Therefore,market access and market exit,as an indispensable aspect of the market composition,must have adequate and comprehensive relevant laws and regulations.However,there are a lot of deficiencies in our country at present,First of all,the focus of our study is mainly in the commercial bank market access and business operations and other aspects of the legal system;Second,our country in the legal system of commercial Banks withdrawing from market research is relatively insufficient,on the market to withdraw the laws and regulations of the provisions of too loose,did not form a perfect system,the legislation itself is too principle,operational is not strong.Our country as a developing country,compared with developed countries in terms of the financial sector,there is a certain gap,especially the commercial bank market to withdraw from the laws and regulations is a lot of problems and the need to improve the perfect place.And abroad in these areas is that we need to learn,so learn from the foreign banking market exit in the legal system is very necessary.First,we should establish and improve the relevant laws and regulations system,and establish a special legal system on the withdrawal of commercial banks;Secondly,it is reasonable to divide administrative power,standardize government administrative action,and reduce government administrative intervention;Thirdly,improve the system of crisis relief,including improving the lender of last resort system,perfecting the system of taking over and perfecting the deposit insurance system;Finally,optimize financial regulation,improve the efficiency of the commercial bank market exit.Commercial banks are the lifeblood of the national economy,its market exit is related to the country’s financial stability and security,this requires a cautious approach to the withdrawal of commercial banking markets,avoiding systemic or regional risks,and avoiding social crises.
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