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Research On The Civil Liabilities Of Didi Ghuxing Platform

Posted on:2018-03-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Car-hailing appeared on people's sight as a new thing in 2012,this new industry experienced rapid growth during this five years,enriching the ways of people's transportation and shocking traditional taxi industry meanwhile.Among domestic car-hailing industry,undoubtedly Didi Chuxing gets the most widely known,it has launched many types of ways to satisfy passengers' choices of transportation.The website of Didi Chuxing shows that 1.4 billion orders had been accomplished through it,becoming the 2nd on-line trading platform behind Taobao.However,the contradictions between hysteresis of legislation and swiftness of technology lead that civil problems are hard to solved under current legal framework,especially the civil liabilities of Didi Chuxing platform.Even though the Interim Measures for the Administration of Car-hailing that was operated in 1st.Nov.2016 confirms that Didi Chuxing platform must assume liabilities of carrier,requiring Didi Chuxing platform assuming liabilities of carrier seems unreasonable without analysing legal status of the platform under different service models.In this dissertation,the author would introduce the most 2 kinds models of Didi Chuxing first,then analyse and sum up the relationships among all subjects,after that,the author would discuss the types of civil liabilities that might assumed by Didi Chuxing platform weightily,including liability for contracting fault during signing contracts,liability for breach contract during fulfilling contracts and liability for tort,confirm that how platform to assume liabilities under different situations can grantee the all subjects' rights.
Keywords/Search Tags:Didi Chuxing, liability for contracting fault, liability for breach contract, liability for tort
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