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Research On The Civil Liability Of Online Car Service Platform

Posted on:2021-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid transformation of the Internet to the mobile Internet,in recent years,the share economy has rapidly penetrated into all aspects of social life.O2 O,the most popular new business model combining online and offline,has brought great convenience to people's life.Since 2014,in entrepreneurial boom and capital operation,under the push of market network,the car service platforms in the domestic have sprung up rapidly,it eased to some extent,such as traffic congestion,environmental pollution,energy shortage and other modern city practical problems facing the deteriorating,convenient for human daily travel,but net about car virtual platform,service platform as a new operation mode complex,involving the main body and is widely and civil relationship characteristics such as diversity,combined with the relevant policies and regulations in China started development is relatively backward,In the legal status,legal liability share to determine the upstream legal grey zone,to become a party to the rights and obligations blurred,formed the deadlock,the civil liability issues this undoubtedly greatly harm the drivers and passengers,the legitimate rights and interests of the parties such as the main body,also seriously affected the stability and orderly operation of the market economic order.For the better solution and promote the development of web service about car and progress,this article first about car in network and service platform development present situation and the development trend for research starting point,in a variety of cases related to network about car service platform for the analysis of deep point,further defined web service about car market the responsibility of the relationship between individual responsibility main body;Furthermore,the analysis of contracting fault liability,breach of contract liability,infringement liability and liability mode of online ride-hailing service platform are conducted respectively.On this basis,the paper proposes specific ways to improve the civil damage compensation system of ride-hailing service platform,so as to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the victims,promote the harmonious development of society and help the high-speed operation of Internet economy.
Keywords/Search Tags:ride-hailing service platform, contracting fault liability, liability for breach of contract, liability for tort, suggestion of perfecting
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