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Study On Legal Adviser System Of Government

Posted on:2018-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330518478561Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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Since the 15 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China(CPC)in 1997,the party has always regarded rule by law as a basic strategy of governing the country.The 18 th Party Congress of China,our party is accelerating the pace of construction of the rule in law,proving the government legal adviser system from top to bottom,making the government legal adviser more widely participate in the work of the government,making the government decision-making more scientific,standardized and legalized,even more promoting the government strictly enforce the law effectively.This is an important measure to carry out the strategy of ruling the country and to promote the government administration according to law.However,the construction of the government legal consultant system seems to be everywhere in practice,the practice effect is not satisfactory.Just because of this,the government legal adviser system were studied,and I analyzed the problems in construction,expecting the government's legal consultant system can be carried out,making the most advantage of it.Starting from the basic concept,this paper defines the concept and characteristics of the government legal counsel.In the process of study,through literature review,case analysis and other methods,it summarizes the mature experience in the construction of government legal advisers in other areas such as Britain,the United States,Japan and other countries,compares and analyzes the difference and disequilibrium of the construction of legal advisor system in different regions of our country because of the different factors in economic and social development.Find insufficiency and the reasons of the practice in the legal adviser system,and put forward the countermeasures.The study found that the establishment of government legal adviser system originating from the rule of law and the government of the government,but also the development of socialist democratic politics and innovative social governance deep-seated needs.The main reason for the practice of the government legal systeis not ideal in China is the government legal adviser role positioning is inaccurate,the management mechanism is not perfect,imperfect security system.In order to improving the construction of the government legal adviser system,it must be addressed from the three aspects.At the same time,the development of the legal adviser of government procurement of government services,creating "Internet plus" government legal advisory work platform,promoting the innovation and development of the system construction,both are effective ways to build a scientific and systematic,complete and practical legal counsel for the government mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administration according to law, rule of law government, government legal adviser system, role orientation, management mechanism
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