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Research On The Migrant Workers’ Injury Insurance Issue In Guangdong Pearl River Delta Region

Posted on:2018-07-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Ever since the reform and opening-up policy,along with the rapid expansion of urbanization and industrialization in our country,the demand of labor force in cities and towns is increasing day by day,particularly that of the frontline manufacturing workers.In the meantime,batches of surplus rural labor force(i.e.migrant workers)seek a way out in cities and towns due to life pressure.The teeming of migrant workers not only eases the shortage of labor force in cities and towns,but also solves the problem of surplus rural labor force,speeding up the rapid expansion of urbanization as well as promoting the development of rural economy.However,as their education level is low,limited by their own conditions and objective conditions in each aspect,migrant workers in the towns are mostly focusing on labor intensive industries like construction industry and manufacturing industry.The long working hours,high power of work,poor work environment and lack of necessary labor protection conditions and safety precautions render them to be high risk groups of employment injury accidents and occupational diseases.Cases in which migrant workers fail to obtain indemnity in time or fail to obtain indemnity so as to result in other malignant injury accidents after industrial accidents happen occasionally.As the society develops and progresses continuously,the injury insurance issue of migrant workers has become a social issue that has been generally concerned by society and common people nowadays.To timely and effectively solve the existing problems with injury insurance of migrant workers is not only the need to protect their legal interest but also the need to construct a stable and harmonious society.As one of the economically developed areas in Guangdong,privately operated enterprises are numerous in the Pearl River Delta region and most of them are in labor intensive machining manufacturing industry and construction industry with a high occupational injury occurrence rate.Compared with foreign-funded enterprises and state-owned enterprises,the requirement on workers’ educational level by local private enterprises is not high,the entry threshold is low with a large quantity demand,therefore,large numbers of migrant workers in foreign provinces are drawn to make a living and obtain employment here.However,the majority of private enterprises only lay stress on the pursuit of maximal profit in production but ignore the protection of migrant workers’ legal interest of industrial injury prevention and safety production etc.At the same time,as the education level of migrant workers is not high,their understanding on the risk of the engaged occupations is insufficient and quite often they are short of self-protection consciousness and safety protection awareness in daily work,the occurrence rate of industrial accidents is always quite high and migrant workers’ legal interest has been enormously infringed.Through a way of combining typical occupational injury cases and basic theory of injury insurance with relevant legal systems,this paper analyzes existing problems with migrant workers’ injury insurance in Guangzhou Pearl River Delta region.Chapter 1 is the introduction,presenting the research background,research significance,method in the paper and research status on migrant workers’ injury insurance issue at home and abroad at present.Chapter 2 is a study on relevant basic theory with migrant workers’ injury insurance.Chapter 3 mainly studies and analyzes problems and reasons with migrant workers’ injury insurance in Guangdong Pearl River Delta region and Chapter 4 mainly raises relevant suggestions on perfecting the migrant workers’ injury insurance in the region.
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