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Case Analysis And Optimization Research Of E-government Affairs In City H

Posted on:2018-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518482699Subject:Public administration
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The Party Central Committee and the State Council has always attached great importance to the people’s Government of the public,especially in the new century,it was be repeatedly stressed many times in the party and the government work report,and in practical work, requiring all localities all localities and departments need to implement.In October 2006, the sixth Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee by the party "on some major issues of building a socialist harmonious society", to further clarify the requirement of "building a service-oriented government, strengthen social management and public service functions". Since then,the service-oriented government has been written in the guiding document. May 1,2008, the People’s Republic of China government information disclosure regulations began. The "Regulations" for the first time from the law of government information disclosure made clear, so that the masses of the authority, the responsibility of the executive procedures, work results, supervision and other information can be clear at a glance, to protect the right to information,participation and supervision of the masses. 2012, the party’s eighteen report pointed out:to promote the operation of the power of open, standardized, improve Party affairs open,open government affairs, public affairs and public affairs in various fields......Let the people supervise power, let the power run in the sun".At the same time, the rapid development of Internet information technology, the rapid growth of Internet users. As of 2016 June, China has reached 710 million users,including mobile phone users accounted for 92.5%, the first half of 2016 Chinese Internet users daily 3.8 hours. The change of citizens’ access to information has brought new challenges to the traditional model of government information disclosure. The establishment of e-government, the realization of E-government has become a general trend, and caused the central and local governments attach great importance to. In between the national macro level and the micro level of the municipal government at the grassroots level, how to play a better role in the electronic government affairs, which has great significance for the establishment of a new government is light and transparent,around a problem to be solved. Admittedly,the government implementation of E-government public at present there are still many problems, there is research on E-government of municipal government public problems, not only has the extremely important theoretical significance, the connection on the lower levels of government,effectively guiding the operation of all levels of government e-government within the administrative region has more important practical significance. In this paper, the integrated use of public management theory and electronic government, government affairs and other related knowledge, from the basic theory of the electronic government affairs, the use of theoretical research, empirical analysis, comparative analysis and other research methods, first of all, the government of "public affairs" and "electronic government affairs" related concepts are expounded, the research in China the electronic government affairs practice status, characteristics, analysis of the importance of the open e-government and its development trend. Secondly, through the analysis of the present situation of the H municipal government e-government, find out the existing problems,and in order to find the existing problems of the E-government open, and explore the causes of the problem. Third, according to the H municipal government e-government public put forward suggestions for improvement, strengthen the ability of the government to the electronic government affairs, enhance the awareness of political participation of citizens, through scientific construction of government portal website, micro-blog,WeChat and other optimization of open platform, the realization of the government to strengthen internal management and external public services, and through the establishment of relevant laws and regulations the electronic government affairs and electronic government affairs system, promote public scientific and orderly development.
Keywords/Search Tags:information publicity, e-government, administrative system reform
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