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Innovation Of Government Response Mechanism Based On Internet Thinking

Posted on:2018-03-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518982486Subject:Foreign political system
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With the development of modern information technology represented by the Internet,the network society, information society gradually formed, the Internet is no longer regarded as a technology tool, but embedded in our daily life, and quietly changing people’s way of thinking, its cooperation, open and sharing values are affecting the transformation of social, economic, political, administrative, cultural. Network political participation in a certain extent has made up the lack of traditional political participation,reduced the threshold of citizen participation, stimulated the enthusiasm of netizen participation in politics, and brought new opportunities for the development of modern democratic politics. China’s government at all levels are also actively using internet technology in public affairs governance to reduce administrative costs, improve administrative efficiency,and actively accept network public opinion demands, through building government information platform,such as government websites and new media,to respond to public demands and guide network public opinion. The acceleration of economic and social transformation and the awakening of civic awareness, as well as the diversification and fragmentation of the interest demands, makes the external pressure of the government response suddenly increased,"Forces"the government to actively reform and innovate its response mechanism. We find that there is a certain "gap" between the political participation enthusiasm and demand, and the current government response capacity and response mechanism construction level. This contradictory state is one of the institutional root of the public crisis, not only challenges the governance capacity of the government, but also the historical opportunity to innovate government response mechanism. This paper is based on the innovation of government response mechanism can not be divorced from the network social situation, as well as the internet and its technology and thinking logic.The current discussion on Internet thinking constitutes the starting point of this article to define the connotation of Internet thinking. Through Internet mainstream thinking and the analysis of the basic consensus, combined with the government response to the situation of the network,this paper extracts four core elements of user thinking, big thinking, platform thinking and iterative thinking from Internet thinking.This paper analyzes the status of the core elements of the above four Internet thinking, and discusses the effective path of innovation government response mechanism innovation on the basis of the four aspects of the response mechanism, the decision-making tool, the response platform and the response organization. We also clearly recognize that, although the government response mechanism innovation must advocate and reflect the Internet thinking, but also should be alert to the" Internet trap" to the government response mechanism system innovation and overall efficiency of the violation.This paper argues that in the innovation of government response mechanism based on Internet thinking, we should learn the basic concept of new public service theory and governance theory, pay attention to the basic rights of citizens and the efficiency of public service, emphasize the cooperation between government and society,and establish a simple and efficient organizational structure.The innovation of the government response mechanism is a systematic project,which should be guided by the public demand, adhere to the concept of citizenship, pay attention to the user experience, take the initiative to pursue public value and public interest.The use of large data technology to collect, mine and analyze information,to understand the public appeal and strengthen the government respond to the scientific and effective decision-making. We should actively develop the government response platform, integrate the government information platform, enhance the interaction effect between the platform, standardize the construction standards of government response platform, and form an efficient and convenient government response platform system.Through the government response organizational change, improve the quality ability of government response personnel,promote the government response to business process reengineering, and build a flat government response organization to improve the government response capacity. At the same time, the innovation of government response mechanism needs to be alert and beyond the security trap of the Internet,the network bureaucratic trap, the tool of big data,and the response object misunderstanding trap of"Netizens are the whole people".
Keywords/Search Tags:Government response mechanism, User thinking, Big data thinking, Platform thinking, Iterative thinking
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