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Research On Development Of Sports Public Service In Wenzhou City Under The Perspective Of New Public Management Theory

Posted on:2018-12-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330533455492Subject:Administrative management
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Sports is the specific performance of a national comprehensive strength.The report of the18 th Party Congress put forward to vigorously promote the national fitness campaign,to achieve mass sports and competitive sports common development.During the "12th Five-Year" period,the economy grew rapidly,the society developed harmoniously.The Sports Industry in China has also experienced a period of rapid development.The national sports public service system is becoming more and more perfect,the level of sports public service is increasing day by day,the national fitness campaign is vigorous,and the development of public sports undertakings is rapid,which changes our country from "a major sports country” to "a world sports power".Wenzhou City in the "second Five-Year" period has became "a sports powerful city" in Zhejiang Province,constructed a large number of sports public facilities,to further improved the sports social organization,carried out mass sports activities widely,comprehensively promoted sports public service development in Wenzhou.Through a series of practical and effective work for people,deepening the reform and innovation of Wenzhou public sports undertakings,creating a new situation of sports development in Wenzhou.But the level of public service in Wenzhou City,there is still a lot of room for improvement.Facing up to the current status of urban sports public service development,analyzing the plight scientifically,investigating and studying in-depth,and finding out the reasons,preparing practical improvement measures is the ways to improve the Wenzhou City Sports Public service level.In this paper,through the use of literature,expert interviews,case studies,statistical analysisand logical reasoning and other research methods,in the new public management perspective,discussed the development status and real difficulties of public sports services in Wenzhou City,then compared with Shanghai,the paper discussed the gaps of sports public service development level between Wenzhou and Shanghai,and found the reasons for these gaps,and accordingly put forward the development strategy,and finally come to the following conclusions:(1)The sports public service development results in Wenzhou are reflected in the following four aspects: the government-led,sector coordination,social participation in the "big group" model Initially formed in Wenzhou,Diversified investment of sports facilities and sports venuesthe for national fitness had significant results,the sports community actively and orderly developed in Wenzhou,with the help of social forces,the pace of building public sports is fast and steady.(2)The practical dilemma in the process of the development of sports public service in Wenzhou includes: the construction of urban sports public service system is not balanced,the supply of sports facilities is inadequate,the management mechanism is not perfect,and the sports industry has not yet formed large-scale development.(3)There is a big gap between Wenzhou and Shanghai in brand competitions,venues,sports associations and other aspects.The main reasons for these gaps is: The the urban economic level of Shanghai is higher than Wenzhou,the development of sports in Shanghai Started earlier than Wenzhou,urban sports resources in Shanghai are richer than in Wenzhou,Shanghai’s the concept of sports public service is updated more quickly than Wenzhou.(4)In the face of the actual situation of sports public services in Wenzhou,under the new situation of national health promotion and vigorous promotion of healthy Chinese construction,we should improve the sports public by actively exploring the multi-Service performance,constructing appraisal and incentive system,increasing investment in the national fitness,improving the legal construction of sports public services,strengthening the information and scientific research of sports public services and other specific initiatives in Wenzhou City.
Keywords/Search Tags:New Public Management Theory, Sports Public Service, Wenzhou City, Sustainable Development, National Fitness
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