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A Study On The Impact Of Information Disclosure On Donation Income Of Philanthropic Foundations

Posted on:2018-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Twenty-first Centuries ushered in the rapid development of China's philanthropic foundation industry.Philanthropic foundations play a major role in promoting prosperity of philanthropy and efficient allocation of social resources.Recurring charity scandals in recent years have caused the public to call for higher level of information disclosure.Information disclosure has become an important factor affecting the development of foundations,with important economic consequences.The disclosure management of philanthropic foundations has become an important task for regulators and business authorities.The relevant competent and regulatory departments take the management of the foundations' information disclosure as an important task to deal with.Information disclosure serves as an important way for donors,beneficiaries and other stakeholders to know better about the foundations,donors can make decisions based on their own understanding of the situation.The total information disclosure can be divided into financial information disclosure and non-financial information disclosure,most of the existing studies focus on the impact of financial disclosure on the income of charitable donations,however,there is less research on the impact of non-financial information disclosure on donation income,the research on the mediating effect of information disclosure on donation income is also little.So,does the information disclosure of the charity foundation have an impact on the income of the donation,and whether different types of information disclosure will have an impact on the income of the donation,and whether this effect is significant,positive or negative,all these problems need our in-depth discussion.In order to test the influence of information disclosure on the income of charitable donations,this paper first reviews the related literature.This thesis first briefly reviews relevant literatures from four aspects to get a better knowledge about the research situation:influential factors of donation income and information disclosure,financial information disclosure and non-financial information disclosure on donation income.After reviewing the relevant literature,put forward the research of this paper.Then,on the basis of principal-agent theory,signal transmission theory and asymmetric information theory,the hypothesis of this paper is put forward,and the relevant variables are defined,and the model is established according to the relevant variables.Finally,the influence of information disclosure oncharitable donation income is tested by correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis.The empirical results show that the total information disclosure and non-financial information disclosure have a significant positive impact on the donation income of the charitable foundation;however,the influence of financial information disclosure on donation income is not significant.Then,this paper takes the scale of external council as independent variable to study the mediating effect of information disclosure on donation income.The result shows that the larger the external council,the more information disclosure and the more income,indicating that the information disclosure has played a certain intermediary effect.The test results of the relevant control variables are also broadly consistent with the expectation of this paper.Finally,on the basis of the previous theoretical analysis and empirical results,combined with the actual situation of information disclosure of charitable foundations in China,this paper puts forward some suggestions to improve the level of information disclosure,provide reference for all aspects.This paper provides a new perspective on the impact of information disclosure on donor income,which helps to reveal the various factors that contribute to the donation of charitable donations and thus promote the healthy and rapid development of the foundation and the whole nonprofit organization.
Keywords/Search Tags:Philanthropic foundations, Donations, Information disclosure, Influence, Mediating effect
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