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On The Causes Of The Flourishing Of Modern Philanthropic Foundations In The U.S.

Posted on:2010-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Modern philanthropic foundations are a unique part of the American society and a deep analysis of their flourishing can be conducted from two perspectives: one is their ideological and cultural backgrounds and the other is the legal and institutional guarantees that have facilitated their smooth and sound development.The following thesis highlights the point that the United States is a highly religious country. The Protestantism in the U.S. made some adjustment concerning the previous Christian doctrines and turned to proclaim that to work hard for wealth and pleasure is also a way of fulfilling God's will and glorifying His graciousness in the world. Inspired by the revolutionary Protestantism, a large number of millionaires appeared quickly in the American society, which has provided a solid material basis for the establishment of philanthropic foundations. Meanwhile, the positive spirits in the rising period of the Capitalism, together with the traditional liberalism in the American society, have provided another ideological environment for the flourishing of the philanthropic foundations.The argument is further expounded in the thesis that relevant laws and regulations governing philanthropic foundations in the United States are complete and adequate, which ensures their healthy development. Individuals and enterprises alike make a large sum of donations and by so doing they can enjoy the tax-reduction or tax-exemption preferential policies. Anyone, who takes advantage of foundations for his own interest, will be subject to severe legal punishment. These laws and regulations encourage people to dedicate their wealth and help keep the foundations philanthropic and public.The thesis arrives at a conclusion that apart from its strong economic power, the religious beliefs and ideological tradition, combined with a complete legal and institutional system, constitute a solid basis for the flourishing of modern philanthropic foundations in the United States.
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