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Phycological Warfare From The Perspective Of Information War

Posted on:2016-11-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330536467289Subject:Philosophy of science and technology
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After developments and evolution,human wars has been in an impressive new form at the present times which is called information war.Information war includes the electronic war,the cyber war and many other types,one of which is the psychological war.The psychological war exists from ancient times and its status has never changed.But it is never an all-weather,non-stop and high-intensitive mode of operation until with the support of modern information technology and is attracting countries to pay attention.With uniformity of analysis and synthesis,this thesis stated a philosophic proposition that the essence of psychological war is information war which is meaningful in enriching the research contents of military technology philosophy and expanding its research perspectives.Meanwhile,it can provide practical references in strengthening the construction of psychological war under the guidance of constructing informationized troops in winning the informationized war.The thesis is guided by Marxist philosophy and applies dialectical materialism to materials and cases study.The thesis shows the research framework of decoding the psychological warfare in the information era: first analyzes the fundamental purpose of warfare combined with the varied cases of psychological wars from the dialectical relationship between psychological wars and physical ones.The part deduces the internal mode of the warfare from psychological wars,clarifies the important strategical role of psychological wars and explains the informational wars properties of psychological wars.This part also deeply explores informational essence of psychological wars from complicated patterns of psychological wars in munitions,means and effects.Based on this,the thesis analyzes features and interaction mechanism the information and the object of psychological wars and the elements that should be considered in psychological wars from the subject and the object.On that account,the thesis explain the informational containment,pattern and object of psychological wars from informational source,informational channel and informational receiver.This is hoped to offer references for employing psychological wars and also to offer theoretical basis for victory mechanism of the psychological wars.The the thesis observes the constitution of the psychological wars from three aspects: physical means,biological basis and psychological targets and put forward the evaluation of the future psychological wars from physical wars’ dilemma,information technology’s development and cognitive science’s development.Finally,the thesis reveals that the BCI technology would contribute to the rapid development of the psychological wars and propose enlightenment to the development of the psychological wars from the perspectives of the physical,the biological and the psychological.
Keywords/Search Tags:psychological warfare/wars, information technology, war status, BCI
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