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Search Engine Service Provider's Tort Liability Of False Advertisement

Posted on:2018-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The search engine is already an indispensable internet tool for most people's life,and the search engine brings about the rise of search marketing services in social change.This search marketing service is fully consistent with the advertising as a new advertising medium,search engine service providers from a simple information retrieval service provider to develop into an information retrieval and advertising services combined service providers.When there is the existence of Internet advertising,search engine service providers are not just a role in the middle of the service,and its access to advertising at the same time give itself a kind of obligation to review the authenticity of advertisements.When the search engine service providers did not fulfil their due review obligations,once tort liability of false advertisements appeared in the search marketing,there are some questions will follow.To be specific,search engine service providers need to take responsibility,bear what kind of responsibility,how to bear the responsibility and so on.The overall idea of this paper is: first of allgthis paper discusses the basic theory of search engine service provider's tort liability of false advertisement,including the legal recognition of the nature of search engine service providers,search marketing services,false advertisement and behavior.After the basic theory,the second part explores the reasons why the search engine service providers bear the tort liabilitygso this part mainly involves the review obligations.And then author discusses the principle of tort liability,and the burden of proof allocation based on the principle.Finally,a detailed analysis of the nature of responsibility,the constitution of responsibility,the form of responsibility,and the consequences of liability.Each chapter of the full text is the theoretical basis for the subsequent chapter,the last chapter is the sublimation of the full text.The whole article is in the analysis of search engine service providers and false advertisement is what,why search engine service providers need to bear tort liability for false advertising,the principle of this responsibility and the burden of proof allocation,and what is the specific responsibility for this tort liability.
Keywords/Search Tags:Search marketing, False advertisement, Tort liability
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