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The Research Of China Difference Society Construction Under The Guidance Of The Marxist Differences Theory

Posted on:2017-05-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330536964398Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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This thesis is based on the objective fact that contemporary China,which is differences society,has lots of differences problem caused by Chinese society developing multiply,diversely,changefully.On the basis of the Marxist standpoint and absorbing predecessors' research achievements about the differences,exploring the thought of differences which is contained in Marxist Theory,the concept of Marxist Differences Theory is put forward,under the guidance of Marxist Differences Theory,trying to solve the differences problems which faced by contemporary China's social development and build a train of thought that makes Chinese society development more harmonious,well-ordered.According to the study on the relevant discussion of differences in Marxist works,the concept of Marxist Differences Theory,which is put forward creatively,is a kind of excavation of the differences views in Marxism,and it has important theoretical significance in that it shows out the Marxist study on differences problem,which has been ignored by academic circles for a long time.In Chinese difference society,it also has important practical significance that,under the guidance of the Marxist Differences Theory,builds harmonious society and well-ordered development to safeguard people's fundamental interests,coordinate the differences of interests of all parties,seek the biggest people's consensus of development,shape "historical force" to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and realize the China Dream.The main body of the thesis consists of four chapters.The first chapter shows that it's a fact that contemporary China belongs to difference society.Not only in the field of economy and politics is China faced with the differences problems,but also in the cultural,social,and other fields,China has the differences problems.It emphasizes that to explore,study,use the Marxist Differences Theory elucidates the existing differences problems and solves them in today's society.This chapter also describes related research situation of the paper selected topic,research methods and ideas.From the second chapter to the fourth chapter,this paper expounds the Marxist Differences Theory about concept definition,research category,theoretical basis,basic content;using the Marxist Differences Theory analyzes the development of Chinese social reality to reveal the differences problems which are in specific development fields of economic,politics,culture,etc.And it also,under the guidance of the Marxist Differences Theory,elucidates scientific connotation,value target,basic principles,macroscopic and specific building measures of the construction of contemporary Chinese difference society.In conclusion part,it points out that the research is still insufficient,the Marxist Differences Theory itself and the important guiding significance of the Marxist Differences Theory should be paid more attention.And it also emphasizes that should proceed from the difference of social reality,to develop and perfect the Marxist Differences Theory in practice,and to solve a series of differences problems caused by contemporary China difference development,to realize the Chinese social harmony and a well-ordered development in China difference society.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Thought of Difference, Difference Society, the Marxist Differences Theory
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