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The Research On The Problem Of Double Insurance In Medical Insurance

Posted on:2015-12-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As for the improvement of medical needs, the problem of doubleinsurance in medical insurance becomes more apparent. In this article, use areally case lead to the problem, and list the views of different countries andlegal experts to show the research background.The research discusses the problem from four aspects:First, the structure of medical insurance, to clear the status of socialmedical insurance and commercial medical insurance, and compare thehealth insurance constitute of different countries. Second, study the theory ofdouble insurance, discusses the definition, constituent elements, classification,compensation principles of double insurance. Third,from the legal theory,combined with China’s laws, regulations and the current cases to explore thelegislative basis and solving approach of the problem of double insurance inmedical insurance. Fourth, study on currently existing China’s commercialhealth insurance to explore the solution of double insurance problem.On the basis of the preliminary studies, summarize the problem of double insurance in medical insurance, suggest that the problem should betreated differently and discuss on the solutions.From this research, we hope it can provide information to clear theproblem of double insurance in medical insurance and suggest the solution ofit.
Keywords/Search Tags:double insurance, medical insurance, commercial medicalinsurance, social medical insurance, fixed medical insurance, compensationmedical insurance
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