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The Problems And Countermeasures About The Investigation Of The Internet Fraud Cases By The Grass-roots Public Security Organs

Posted on:2018-12-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330536980882Subject:Police service
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In recent years,with the development of computer network technology and the popularity of the application,the traditional fraud gradually derived out the new types of the Internet fraud.It has the features of cross-regional,low-cost high-yield,and non-contact.The Internet frauds which based on personal sensitive information leakage are more targeted.It is more difficult for people to identify and many people have been unlawful infringed.The public reacted intensely to the high incidence of the Internet frauds.The crackdown on Internet fraud cases by public security organs has become an important factor affecting the public's sense of security and the satisfaction with public security job.As China's urbanization process began late,and most of the population in China's Middle Western regions mainly lives in county towns.Take Zhoukou as an example,a city in Henan Province,includes a municipal district,eight country towns,and a county-level city,occupies an area of 11,959 square kilometers,and has more than 11.41 million people,among which the urban population is only 715,000.Xiangcheng,Shenqiu,Shangshui and Taikang are four large county towns with a population of over one million.As the front-line to combat crime,grassroots public security organs have extensive contact with the people.Due to the large population in grassroots and the weak anti-cheating consciousness,a large number of Internet fraud cases occurred mainly in the county level public security organs areas.Firstly,this thesis summarizes the concept and characteristics of the Internet fraud cases,as well as the difference from traditional fraud cases.Secondly,it discusses the problems of the grassroots public security organs in the fight against Internet fraud crimes,such as the emergency stop mechanism is not running well,the lack of technical staff of network crime scene investigation,the Internet fraud cases are not standardized accepted lead to the loss of clues,and the various police departments have not yet formed a reasonable case handling cooperation mechanism etc.Finally,the author combines his own learning and work experience and puts forward the corresponding countermeasures to solve the problems as follows: the standardization of the Internet fraud cases acceptance,the usage of the investigation platform and the improvement of the function,the skills requirements to carry out computer network crime investigation,and to strengthen the construction of county-level network security police force,and network security basic information collection and the illegal Internet information inspection.
Keywords/Search Tags:internet fraud, internet investigation, crime scene investigation, combined combat, criminal investigation
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