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Research On The Investigation And Countermeasure Of Telecom Fraud In Internet

Posted on:2018-01-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330536980907Subject:Police service
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With the integration of the Internet and various industries,and the diversity of information data in the era of big data,telecommunications fraud criminals are taking advantage of the loopholes in the integration of the Internet with various industries as a criminal opportunity.The resulting Internet-based telecom fraud also has some new features,for example,Internet as criminal tools,the use of personal information property attributes and the use of the Internet and financial integration to transfer money,and with faster means to carry out criminal activities.In order to effectively curb the high trend of telecom fraud in the Internet and to promote a safe and reliable "Internet Plus" environment,we need to create a macro rule of law environment to combat telecommunications fraud and protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens,and change the investigation concept in time to formulate effective investigation measure,promote the fight against telecommunications fraud and perfect law enforcement cooperation system,improve technical means and investigative capabilities in the fight against new types of telecommunications fraud,and to form a comprehensive macro social atmosphere to fight against telecommunications fraud.At present,from the incidence and the crime fighting results,under the “Internet Plus”background,to combat telecommunications fraud becomes more difficult,more challenging.On the one hand,in the process of integration of the Internet and financial and other traditional industries,the imperfections in institutional mechanisms and other aspects are easily used by the use of criminals and the carry out telecommunications fraud and other criminal activities in the background of “Internet Plus environment.On the other hand,in the context of diversification of information data and multi-domain development,the data information is not clarified and hierarchically used,and the loopholes caused by the ignorance of the increase of data value and function has also become one of the incentives to implement Internet fraud in the context of “Internet Plus”.Compared with the traditional means of criminal fraud,“Internet Plus” telephony fraud has more updates in criminal tools and technical means,which are more complex,diverse and endlessly,but these problems also prompted the investigating authorities began to think about how to effectively punish the crime of fraud in the”Internet Plus “background.About how to combat telecommunications fraud effectively,in the article,the author will discuss the countermeasures from two main points of view: one is to pay attention to the association of Internet and telecom fraud and the infringement of citizen information crime,and to analyze the relationship between the two crimes and the advantages in the process of investigation.Second,using analyzing the direction of the flow of funds as important part of investigation,and in the meantime using relevant investigation measure to intensify the cooperation with relevant institution to carry out investigation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet Plus, telecommunications fraud, difficulty in investigation, investigative countermeasure
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