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Research On The Definition Of Relevant Product Market In Internet Industry

Posted on:2019-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330542454457Subject:Economic Law
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The Internet economy has provided an unprecedented growth point for China's economic development.It is a new driving force for the transformation and upgrading of the economy and society,and it is also the focus of China to overtake the developed countries on the curve.After experiencing brutal competition from scratch and from small to large,those industries that stick to the end have become titans.When they play pivotal roles in volume and power of discourse,the monopoly starts to appear.Also,when the Internet economy matures and becomes an industry,it will have the common ground of industrial development,in which the existing of mono-plastic phenomena based on the agglomeration effect is a perfect example.The Internet industry has to confirm the relevant product market,just as when law enforcement agencies carry on antitrust enforcement,they need to have targeted objects.However,all things in the world have both commonalities and personalities.The personality of the Internet industry allows law enforcement agencies to consider the specific characteristics of the industry when determining the relevant product markets.This has created new confusion and challenges in the definition of the Internet-related product market.The products of the Internet industry have ambiguity and freeness,which in turn have led to the inability to use the traditional means of definition.With the gradual development of new Internet products,the phenomenon of industrial development has begun to take shape.At present,China's Internet industry has gradually formed an industry pattern dominated by "BAT" giants,and their mutual conflicts also occur from time to time.The most controversial case in the “360 v.Tencent” case in the highly compelling case of the Internet is the definition of the relevant product market.There is a problem of lagging behind.Since then,the academic community has increasingly studied the related products market of the Internet industry.This article is divided into four parts in addition to the introduction and conclusion.The first part discusses the basic theory of the market definition of related products in the Internet industry.Firstly,the definition and definition of the definition of the relevant product market are introduced.Secondly,the traditional method is introduced.There are mainly three methods: supply substitution analysis,demand substitution analysis,and hypothetical monopolist testing.Finally,the industry based on this article—the Internet industry,introduced the characteristics of the Internet industry product market.The second part discusses the status quo of the definition of the related products market in China's Internet industry.First,introduce the difficult conditions brought by the Internet's own characteristics.In the fourth chapter,the paper proposes a solution to the above difficulties.Second,introduce the current situation of the legal regulation of the relevant product market in China,including legislation,law enforcement agencies,and judiciary,and propose the shortcomings of the existing legal regulations.Finally,through empirical analysis methods,the paper selects domestic instant messaging market and the network-based vehicle market to make a specific analysis of the definition of China's Internet industry-related product market.The third part deals with the foreign definition of the relevant products.It mainly selects the U.S and E.U to introduce the status quo of legal regulation in each region,and then carries out empirical analysis.Finally,on the basis of summarizing advanced foreign systems,several methods worthy of our country's reference are proposed.The fourth part provides some suggestions about China's Internet industry definition.The first is the regulation of laws.It is imperative to improve the legislation and specific operating systems.At the same time,it is equally important to establish a unified professional law enforcement team and to provide corresponding case guidance.Second,the specific recommendations to perfect the definition should be made to echo the difficulties mentioned in the previous article.With reference to the previous part of the foreign advanced system,a specific method was proposed here.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet industry, market definition of related products, SSNIP method, system improvement
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