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Research On The Challenges And Countermeasures Of Relevant Market Definition Of The Internet Industry

Posted on:2019-12-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development and innovation of electronic information technology,the scale of the Internet industry has grown.The Internet is deeply embedded in our lives and changes our way of life.Network video,online chat,information sharing,online games,e-commerce,sharing of bicycle and other Internet economic forms have had a great impact on the whole society.The development of Internet economy brings new business model and economic growth point.The Internet industry has developed from free competition to monopolistic competition.Some "giant" Internet company's monopoly makes the anti-monopoly enforcement authority high attention of all the Internet industry.In the antitrust case of traditional industries,a very important step is to define the relevant market of the products involved.After decades of development and research,traditional industries have accumulated a large amount of relevant market definition,and the basic means mainly include the supply and demand substitution method and the SSNIP test method.And Internet industry of bilateral market characteristics,the user lock effect and boundary ambiguity and so on some different characteristics with the traditional industry,the traditional industry in such aspects as production,sales of disruptive change.These changes have led to the collapse of traditional industries in terms of defining methods and principles for many years.SSNIP test method,for example,because of the Internet industry tilting pricing and bilateral market characteristics,often one party for the free market,make the SSNIP test "the price of a small but significant sustainability" lost its meaning,makes the implementation of the anti-monopoly law in the Internet industry has brought great impact.From the case " Google " in the European Union to the case "Tangshan Renren v Baidu" and "Qihoo v.Tencent" in China,courts and antitrust law enforcement agencies around the world has carried on exploring and attempting to definite relevant market of the Internet industry.From these cases,it can be found that even though the traditional alternative analysis method and the SSNIP test are challenged,it is still significant.On the basis of this,this paper proposes to divide the bilateral market type and change the price variable to improve the SSNIP test method.Adding other analysis factors and combining various methods to improve the alternative.In the relevant geographic market definition,relevant geographic market has to be divided into pure virtual network products market and online overlap,then defining.In addition,it also proposed to play down the definition of the relevant market.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet Relevant Market, Relevant Market Definition, The Two-sided Market, SSNIP
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