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Study On Online Dispute Resolution Mechanism Of Cross-border E-commerce In China

Posted on:2019-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the 21st century,the rapid development of Internet technology has been driving tremendous changes in all aspects of society,with commercial information being the most obvious.With the emergence and development of e-commerce,more and more consumers choose to shop through the Internet.With the continuous expansion of consumer awareness of online shopping and the continuous improvement of quality requirements,online shopping with the "Haitao" model has become popular.According to the "2017 Cross-border E-Commerce Research Report" published by Mobdata,by 2016,the scale of cross-border e-commerce transactions has exceeded the trillion mark and the number of users has reached 42 million.The huge market demand has spawned various types of cross-border e-commerce platforms,such as Tmall International,Xiao Hongshu,and well-known shopping websites have also established a Chinese version of the shopping platform to provide more for Chinese consumers.The choice of overseas shopping,the huge amount of cross-border e-commerce transactions has led to a large number of cross-border e-commerce disputes.In order to deal with cross-border e-commerce disputes that are difficult to resolve efficiently,major e-commerce platforms and official agencies have made attempts to establish online dispute resolution mechanisms for cross-border e-commerce.However,because the online dispute resolution mechanism for cross-border e-commerce that China had started was late,the mechanism itself is still not mature enough,and the application practice of this mechanism has also encountered a bottleneck,and there can be no breakthrough development.The current cross-border e-commerce online dispute resolution mechanism,which is currently applied in China,is still faced with institutional difficulties,technical difficulties,and the consumer's conceptual predicament,which is difficult to overcome in practice.In the future development,more mature cross-border e-commerce online dispute resolution mechanisms in the United Kingdom,the United States,and other developed countries should be used to learn from and improve relevant systems,continue to develop Internet information technologies,and increase the credibility of online dispute resolution mechanisms.To realize the sustainable development of the online dispute resolution mechanism for cross-border e-commerce in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Haitao, cross-border e-commerce, online dispute resolution mechanism
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