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Study On The Copyright Of Video Game Live Images

Posted on:2019-06-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The rise of the Internet+ has led to the rise of online games and webcasts.It has always been a happy event.It has promoted the emergence of various emerging industries and injected new vitality into China’s economic development.However,it has accompanied various types of live broadcast platforms.In the development of the game,they may conduct live games for their own interests.This will necessarily involve the ownership of the game’s live broadcast screen.Due to the lag in copyright law in our country and the lack of uniform and effective standards in the originality of works in China,As a result,we cannot have a unified picture of the game live broadcast.However,with the development of society,there is a legal gap in China’s e-sport games live broadcast.However,this new type of intellectual property dispute is increasing,so we need to analyze electricity.The legal attributes and rights of the game live broadcast images,and then analyze whether the live broadcast platform and live broadcast behavior constitute reasonable use.Under the background of our country’s encouragement of popular entrepreneurship and innovation,we must pay attention to and protect intellectual property rights,so we must clarify The legal nature of the video game live broadcast screen is crucial.This article takes the form of case analysis,through the combing of two typical cases,starting from the legal attributes of the video game live broadcast screen,to study the works in the copyright law,and then discuss the rights belongs to the game developers,followed by Explain whether the eSports game live broadcasting platform is a reasonable use of copyright in the course of live broadcasting.If it does not constitute a reasonable use of what constitutes infringement,what exclusive rights are infringed,and the ultimate responsibility of the infringer is assumed.Through the above researches,we will deeply analyze the copyright disputes caused by the live broadcast of the e-sports,and make it more accurate and systematically identified.In the future judicial practice,we will be able to obtain a unified judgment standard.Through in-depth analysis of copyright disputes arising from live broadcasts of e-sports games,research has been conducted on the legal attributes and rational use of e-sports games live broadcasts.This new type of intellectual property disputes has been thoroughly analyzed,and the boundaries between reasonable use and infringement have been better divided.Promote the double development of online games and live broadcast industry.
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