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Research Of Peng Zhen's Legal System Ideology

Posted on:2018-12-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G Q LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330566450348Subject:Marxism in China
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Peng Zhen is a firm marxist,,great proletarian revolutionary andstatesman in our country.As a major member of the party's second generation of collective leadership.Peng Zhen lead and presided over the work of political science and law of new China,he is a main founder of China's socialist legal system construction.He always adhere to the principle of everything from actually.He creatively uses the marxist-leninist's stand,viewpoint and method to guide pratice analyze activities,the unique socialist legal system ideas and methods.Peng Zhen has formed a unique socialist system thoughts,which provide the correct ideas and methods to our country socialist legal system construction.Peng Zhen's legal thought is animportant part of socialist legal system theory.Peng Zhen's legal thought has enriched our country's socialist legal system.China is committed to the rule of the rule of law in an-round way and the construction of socialist legal system in the country's great plan.The counstruction of the socialist legal system country and the development of harmonious society need to dig deeper into essence of Peng Zhen's legal thoughts.First,this article from Peng Zhen's legal thought's theory orgin,realistic basis and forming process to elaborate the formation of Peng Zhen legal thought.Secondly,the author has carried on the thorough carding and analysis from the rule of law,legislative,judicial,supervision.Finally,the focus of this paper espounds the historical value and contemporary enlightenment of Peng Zhen legal thought,which reflects the significance of Peng Zhen legal thoughts.The author made the hightly generalization and summary to Peng Zhen legal thoughts.
Keywords/Search Tags:Peng Zhen, legalthoughts, ruling country by law
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