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Legal Regulation Of Network Violence

Posted on:2017-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In today's high speed information era,Internet has occupied partially our life and is increasingly spreading its expansion and extension.With no doubt,thanks to the Internet,life is indeed becoming more convenient and more efficient.However,the negative effects that the Internet brings to us can not be understated and overlooked.In recent years,the shortcomings of the Internet have come to emergence.In particular,cyber violence,due to group of netizens and the virtuality of the Internet and so on,is seriously harmful and is extremely difficult to curb.At the same time it violates the Principle of Public Policy and Good Customs,the principle of prohibition of abuse of rights,and destroys the value of the law.Hence,for cyber violence,we have to collaboratively attach great importance to it,actively promote relevant legal construction,enhance the Internet supervision and administration,and guide the netizens to surf the Internet in a civilized way so as to regulate this vicious problem.This thesis utilizes comparative analysis,provision analysis and case analysis in respect of writing skills,and has a detailed analysis on the problem of “cyber violence”.Structurally speaking,it is written in the order of question introduction,question analysis and question solution.Regarding the content,it mainly studies from the following aspects:First of all,this thesis introduces the background and the significance of research,and roughly sets forth the reaches into cyber violence from home and abroad;and it defines the concept that cyber violence is an act of tort,summarizes forms of expression and characteristics of cyber violence for the readers' reference and knowledge;reference and knowledge;then the thesis explains the damage of “cyber violence” on the basis of analysis on the present condition of the current cyber violence in China,which not only damages the rights of citizens,but also disturbs the social order and endangers the national security;meanwhile it brings out the correlative experience from the analyses of the developed countries' governing cyber violence;the last part,carrying the key and difficult points,raises the suggestions and advice :our country should not only strengthen the relevant legislation and supervision,but also scientifically carry out network real-name system,constitute and improve the emergency response mechanism.Finally,I wish this thesis can make a contribution to administrating cyber violence in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:cyber violence, network real-name system, human-powered search
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