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Study On English Reading Disabled Students Of Senior High School And Countermeasures In Malaysia

Posted on:2017-12-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330518487391Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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It is understood that English is the core language in the world.In Malaysia,it could be the second or third language to students.Hence,they have difficulty to master the proficiency of English language.Throughout the 12 years of English learning,it does not mean that students have the ability to master the basic of English.Through reading,students will comprehend and retain the information given.By mastering the skill of reading,students will be able to enrich their knowledge and critical thinking.Thus,reading is the link to the other skills which students could enhance their English proficiency.Comprehension has a greater proportion in examination papers.It is believed that the students' English proficiency is measured by their reading ability.Being a high school teacher,it is important to look for different teaching methods to improve the students' reading ability.In order to prove the hypothesis,the author would conduct a series of survey to discover the problems faced by the students during reading lesson in Malaysia Chinese Independent School.At the same time,the factors of preventing the students from mastering the reading ability will also be looked into.In the end of the paper,the author will suggest steps to polish the students' comprehension and critical thinking ability based in the found data.There are all together five chapters in this thesis.The first chapter will introduce the background of the research,the purpose of the research,the role of Malaysia Independent School and the definition of reading ability.The author also collects the related theoretical literature from the local and foreign researchers,and analyse the information gathered so as to support the thesis and strengthen the author's argument.The second chapter is about a survey of the current situation of the high school students'understanding of English Comprehension.The author will explore the students' interest of learning English,habits while reading and problems faced in understanding English comprehension.The difficulties of understanding English comprehension faced by the high school student will be discussed in chapter three.The lack of interest for learning English and poor reading habit as well as poor vocabulary which exemplify the key factors that lead to poor English reading ability will also be brought up in chapter four.The last chapter of this thesis will be the suggestions to improve the students' reading ability and ways to cultivate the students' interests in English language and reading habit as well as reading methods.The use of contextual strategies and creativity in teaching environment will also be looked into.
Keywords/Search Tags:Reading Comprehension, Reading disability, Reading strategies, Countermeasures
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