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The Kinematics Analysis Of Take-off Characteristics On The Chinese Men's Long Jump Athletes In Beijing World Championships

Posted on:2018-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330536973813Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Research objective: in the past 10 years,the movement level of the men's long jump in China has made great progress,and has made outstanding achievements.Thebest performance of men's long jump to 8.47 m,gradually close to the world level.Especially in the 2015 Beijing World Championships,the 3 players Wang Jianan,Li Jinzhe and Gao Xinglong all broke into the top 5,including Wang Jianan won a precious bronze medal,3 people together to create Chinese men's long jump record.It can be said that this is the result of the efforts of several generations of coaches,athletes and researchers in our country.However,compared with Europe and the United States,there is still a gap,in order to further improve the level of long jump,or even get more medals in the world,we must carefully analyze the technical characteristics of the current long jump.How to improve the level of the Chinese men's long jump is an urgent problem to be solved in theory and in practice.Research methods: in China in 2015 Beijing World Championships Men's long jump final three excellent athletes Wang Jianan,Gao Xinglong,Li Jinzhe as the research object,the research methods of literature,expert interviews,high-speed shooting,video analysis and comparative analysis,the research on them after the two step run-up and take-off technique.And compared with the world elite athletes.Research results:1,In the last two steps,Wang Jianan,happy Dragon,Li Jinzhe three per capita is the slowdown on the board,including Wang Jianan,Gao Xinglong the last two steps deceleration than Li Jinzhe small,small speed decrease value helps athletes maintain higher take-off speed.2,Li Jinzhe fell to the length of the difference between the two 0.07 m,far less than the 0.20 m Wang Jianan,Gao Xinglong0.35 m.3,Wang Jianan fell to the height of the center of gravity of the two steps were 0.10 m,0.07 m,Gao Xinglong,for 0.08 m,0.07 m and 0.09 m,0.08 m,flat than the Wang Jianan.4,Wang Jianan take-off time in line with T2 > T3 > T1,and Gao Xinglong,'s T2 < T3.Research conclusions:1,in the final stage of the three step,Wang Jianan,Gao Xinglong,Li Jinzhe is the deceleration of the board on the top of the board,of which,the last step of the reduction of the pace of the last,the smaller than the size of the small,the last step of the group is to reduce the number of people in the world.In the last stage of the last two steps,the last step is to reduce the speed of the last two steps,such as the speed of.2,before the game,the first eight athletes run down the steps of the two step is greater than a step backward.Li Jinzhe the last two paces changed little,consistent with personal characteristics,and put forward the domestic experts in the take-off before the last two steps to reduce the step difference,in order to reduce the flight time view is consistent.3,The knee joint angle buffer the top eight athletes of two step back,a step presents a reverse step than two steps down the trend.Gao Xinglong and Li Jinzhe the last two steps of gravity changes little,and the first winner Lasse Forde in the two step back focus has been reduced to the lowest point of positive buffer,a certain role to increase the take-off force working distance,vertical velocity to create useful provides physical conditions.4,despite the decline of the center of gravity of the two step of the larger Wang Jianan,but this feature does not affect the use of its horizontal speed,but to increase the working force on the takeoff distance,a positive impact on the take-off effect.5,Wang Jianan conversion time T2 slightly longer,indicating that the take-off distance increases.6,if you want to get better results,our athletes may still have to be in the take-off and extension stage to improve the stretching range,shorten the stretch time,better grasp the stretch time,to achieve a good take-off effect.7,Wang Jianan,Li Jinzhe,Gao Xinglong flight angle are within a reasonable range;and the first Teng speed and Lasse Forde is still a certain gap,reflects the domestic players in terms of jumping ability and special speed still needs to be strengthened.
Keywords/Search Tags:Men's long jump, the last two steps, take-off characteristics, kinematics analysis
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